Product: Batman Happy Birthday Balloon Bouquet with Number Balloon

(1) 1 set of Batman Happy Birthday Balloon Bouquet with Number consists of 5 balloons:

  • 1 x 40inch Number Balloon (Selection of Color Available)
  • 1 x 18 inch Batman Happy Birthday Foil Balloon
  • 1 x 18 inch Batman Foil Balloon
  • 1 x 19inch Metallic Gold Star Foil Balloons
  • 1 x 19inch Metallic Blue Star Foil Balloons

(2) Helium Gas Filled & tied with Balloon String (Floating Time: approx 24 hours)

  • Floating time in air: Approximately 24 Hours, depending on weather condition/temperature and how balloons are being handled and transported, floating time may last up to 10 hours. (Only recommend to collect or deliver 1-2 hours before the event start)

(3) Height of Balloon bouquet: 180 cm to 190 cm tall

(4) Attached with Balloon Weight

(5)  Material: Mylar Foil, Superior quality; Manufactured by USA Brand


Things to note:

-Foil balloon are sensitive to extreme temperature changes. In cold air, they may appear deflated, warm air should expand them again. Extreme heat could cause the helium to expand and burst the balloon.

– Please avoid not to put the balloon under high temperature, direct exposure under the sun, friction and force etc which might cause the balloon to deflate.

– Parental guidance is recommended for children to use the balloons.

– Please discard defected balloons immediately.

– Avoid any sharp objects and edges when placing the balloons.


Warning: Adult supervision is required as uninflated balloons can be a choking hazard. Keep uninflated balloons out of reach from children and discard broken balloons. Do not inhale helium gas at all time, it can be a health hazard.

Disclaimer: Product photos are for illustrative purposes only. Actual colors may vary from the product photos, and may also vary from the PC/Mobile/Tablet’s screen due to monitor color restrictions.