[Flower Hot Air Balloon] – JUMBO Sea Unicorn


Remember this special day with our unique creation that is made with only flowers that are specially preserved to last up to 12 months & longer! These floral box are professionally curated and arranged in a way that it stands out, a treat for both the eyes and mood! Be sure to bring a smile to your recipient with this timeless and visually captivating Hot Air Balloon.

Lastly top it up with a personalised name on the box front making it a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Round Floral Box: 15CM (W) x 18CM (H)
Final product: Approxmately 33CM (W) x 80CM (H)

In stock


Crystal Clear

Fashion White

Metallic White

Pastel Matte Yellow

Fashion Pastel Yellow

Fashion Yellow

Metallic Yellow

Golden Rod

Metallic Gold

Metallic Rose Gold

Fashion Peach Blush

Metallic Peach

Fashion Orange

Metallic Orange


Fashion Red

Ruby Red

Metallic Red

Pastel Matte Pink

Fashion BubbleGum Pink

Fashion Rose

Fashion Rosewood

Metallic Light Pink

Metallic Fuchsia

Metallic Burgundy

Pearl Burgundy

Pastel Matte Purple

Fashion Lilac

Fashion Violet

Metallic Lilac

Metallic Violet

Quartz Purple

Pastel Matte Blue

Fashion Pale Blue

Fashion Blue

Fashion Caribbean Blue


Metallic Light blue


Metallic Sapphire Blue

Metallic Midnight Blue

Pastel Matte Green

Fashion Aquamarine

Fashion Lime Green

Fashion Green

Fashion Turquoise

Fashion Forest Green

Fashion Mint Green

Metallic Lime Green

Metallic Green

Fashion Caramel

Fashion Toffee

Metallic Ivory

Metallic Greige

Fashion Grey

Metallic Silver

Metallic Black

Custom Name on Box

Simple and Stylish