Party Popper – Colorful Paper Confetti 30cm


Set off a cheering atmosphere to your party by scattering colorful confetti in the air, allow your families, friends and guests to take some interesting and beautiful pictures and record the moment.

This product is usually used for inside and outside celebration occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, company events, anniversaries, special events and many more.

Use Brief: Hold it with two hands tightly and twist to the direction shown on the popper to release the Confetti Shooter.

*The product discharged by the pressure of air. No pollution, no fire, no flavour. Assure safety.

Size: 30cm

Each cannon is filled with Colorful Paper Confetti



  1. In the wind weather outside please choose the right direction.
  2. Don’t against to the bare electric line.
  3. Don’t attack people.
  4. Children ages below 14 are not allowed to use.

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