BoBoChaCha Balloon Shop is SG #1 preferred seller for Customised Balloons, Alphabet and Letter Balloons, Birthday and Jumbo Number Balloon as well as Everyday Party Helium BalloonsWe Deliver Balloons anywhere in Singapore!.


Customised Balloons, Giant confetti balloons and Party balloons decorations specially curated for Birthday, Baby Shower, Proposal, Weddings, Special Events and Parties!


Specially curated themed Balloons by BBCC Team – Mermaid, Dinosaur, Space, Happy Birthday, Well Wishes and many more!


Reviews on our balloons and services

  • Alvin Ang 汪锦鸿
    positive review 
    5/16/2019 - Facebook

    Thanks Bobochacha Balloon for the patience to accommodate to last minute request for the gender reveal box! They were very helpful and my experience with them was a very pleasant and satisfactory one! Awesome customer service!

    Jenn Woei Lim
    12/30/2019 - Google

    Kudos to the team behind Bobochacha balloon! Genuine people they are, providing superb service and beautiful balloons! Balloons are still flying since last night party, will be back again for more balloons in the future!

    Harvin Singh
    2/03/2020 - Google

    Very friendly staff . Prompt in delivery n dealings.
    Able to customize colour to customers requirements.
    5 stars for them. Kudos to the whole team .

  • Limbei Jovii
    8/04/2019 - Facebook

    Great quality & flexible customizations!
    Delivery was punctual and replies are fast

    Well Recommended

    Richelle Chew
    positive review 
    4/25/2019 - Facebook

    Fast, responsive and friendly!

    Esmond Poon
    positive review 
    11/25/2018 - Facebook

    The balloon was collected without any delay, and it was really beautiful!! Very friendly and nice supplier to deal with too! Would definitely order from them again if there are any upcoming events. Thank you so much!!!! 😁😁

  • Huda Samsuri
    positive review 
    8/26/2018 - Facebook

    Fast dealing. Awesome job done. Outcome was perfecto! Thank you to the team!

    Kim Lan Toh
    7/25/2019 - Facebook

    Very beautiful customised balloon! Friendly people and i love their service & balloons! Thumbs up to them!

    Brandon Leong
    5/30/2020 - Google

    Great experience. Made requests for my wife’s baby shower theme and they gave me three options. She loved the balloons so as they say happy wife happy life. Thanks!

  • Gina Siok
    positive review 
    10/18/2018 - Facebook

    good service! well design! very patience with all the questions. delivery on time! will definitely order from Bobochachaballoon in the future!!

    Alex Ong
    positive review 
    2/14/2019 - Facebook

    Good service !!! They r willing to go the extra mile to help customers 👍

    Yi Heng
    positive review 
    12/04/2018 - Facebook

    is really a good choice to get bobochachaballon👍🏻 So awesome of the deco,my girl love it so much.
    They are so friendly and thier service is great.
    Will come back again if have any event needs.😊

  • Tracy Chua
    10/26/2019 - Facebook

    I love my balloons so much! Thank u for brightening up my birthday 😘

    Uthayan Shamun
    positive review 
    11/14/2018 - Facebook

    Great service thank you so much for the balloons will order in future.

    Airi Magg
    positive review 
    5/22/2019 - Facebook

    Great experience & perfect balloons from Bobochachaballoons HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! my friend had an awesome surprise fr the balloons hehe. 🌹

  • Kuan Wei
    5/23/2019 - Google

    Very friendly and accommodating bunch of people! Beautiful customized balloon they done for us, we love it! Highly recommended!

    Sun Tian Ze
    2/17/2018 - Facebook

    Very responsive and friendly service with affordable unique balloons! Highly recommended! Will definitely come back for more👌🏻

    Sabrina Shinn
    2/06/2020 - Facebook

    Super excellent service!! Decided to give my Son last minute birthday surprise and the Balloon was deliver on time and good quality! Will definitely come back for next event again ! Good job ! Staff are friendly and helpful. Thank you.

  • Tan Jun Loong
    5/23/2020 - Facebook

    Highly recommended!! Excellent service, prompt replies and definitely a smooth process throughout. Made an order within a day and got it delivered on the same day too! Would definitely order again! 🙂

    Natasha Rh
    3/14/2020 - Google

    The team was great at helping us to deliver within 24hours although the personalized balloon needs 3days advance notice to deliver. Excellent service! thanks!

    Mervyn Ng
    8/19/2019 - Google

    Ordered many balloons before and they provide the best service ever. Highly recommended!

  • Jimmy Ong
    7/13/2018 - Facebook

    Very friendly and double thumb up for them.

    Fara Poskitt
    7/17/2021 - Google

    Birthday queen loved her beautiful and pretty balloons🎈🎈😍 thank you so much! Website have many choices to choose from yet at such affordable price. Great customer service, prompt replies and delivery 👍

    Eileen Llx
    8/09/2019 - Facebook

    I must say their service is excellent! Balloon is nice than I expected! Highly recommended!

  • Dhamirah Thohirah
    4/24/2020 - Google

    Great great great service! Super cute balloons! They accommodated to my last minute order and received the balloon the next day!

    Sha Md Amsah
    5/04/2020 - Facebook

    Super duper fast, responsive n awesome seller! Made a last minute urgent order and the pretty balloons were delivered right to the doorstep within 3hrs! Will definitely recommend to others!

    Reid Swi
    5/22/2019 - Google

    Great experience dealing with BobochachaBalloon! Friendly & efficient, going through every details with you. I will definitely recommend BobochachaBalloon to friends and family.

  • Nicole Isabella Tan
    8/13/2019 - Facebook

    Super helpful, efficient and nice people with excellent services! A definite go-to for future events! Highly recommended! 🙂👍🏻

    Mervyn Ng
    8/19/2019 - Google

    Ordered many balloons before and they provide the best service ever. Highly recommended!

    Cassandra Goh
    positive review 
    11/30/2018 - Facebook

    My balloon was well received! Fast replies and good service! They waited for me to collect my items although I’m very late very nice person they are! Highly recommend 👍🏻

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Useful information on Balloons & Parties

Helium Balloons & Delivery | Party Shop In Singapore

Nothing spells fun and exciting celebration like balloons! Whether you are throwing a birthday party, celebrating an anniversary or planning a thoughtful surprise, you can’t wrong with a customised arrangement of balloons to convey your wishes beautifully. 

BoBoChaCha Balloon is your preferred balloons and party supplies store in Singapore, helping you celebrate all the joyous moments in life. We provide a wide array of customised helium balloons that can be delivered islandwide. Our services allow you to include a personalised message on the balloon arrangement as well as your preferred selection on colours, that make for a truly unique gift. It is also a great way to show your appreciation for someone. If you have time constraints, we offer round-the-clock delivery across Singapore to accommodate to your schedule and smoothen your planning process.

Celebrate every occasion in style

Surprise your loved ones with a balloon delivery at home or workplace to brighten up their day. With a beautiful selection of personalised helium balloons in our party shop, you can gift someone something special and make the occasion even more memorable. Everything is done with quality in mind – the presentation of your balloons is our top priority and we ensure your dream concept will come to life. Our creative team will work closely with you to create the celebratory look that you’re looking for, whether to decorate a space or express your best wishes.

Get started today and shop for unique, one-of-a-kind balloon creations that will be delivered right to you. From balloon bouquets to party decorations, BoBoChaCha Balloon is your one-stop party shop to celebrate all of life’s important moments.

Helpful information you may like to know

How long can the helium balloons stay afloat?

Our 12-inch latex balloons can generally stay afloat for 8 to 10 hours, or even longer, in an air-conditioned or room temperature environment. Temperature is one of the key factors that impact how long a balloon can stay in the air. As such, we do not recommend leaving your helium balloons floating outdoor for an extended period of time. Our best practice is to inflate your latex balloons with helium on the day of your party ONLY nearing the time of your balloons delivery or collection to ensure they remain beautiful and last for the duration of your party.

What if I require the helium balloons to stay afloat for more than a day?

If you are planning an event that lasts for more than a day, we recommend getting helium-filled foil or mylar balloons instead of latex, as they can generally stay afloat for approximately 24 hours or longer. This is because 12-inch latex balloons are smaller in size. Moreover, due to the nature of these latex balloons, they are meant to last for 8 to 10 hours only.

How can I transport the inflated balloons after collecting them?

Once you have collected the inflated balloons from the party shop, it is advisable to keep the balloons in the car with the air-conditioning turned on when transporting them to the event venue. This is because the temperature can affect the longevity of the balloons. Hot temperatures can shorten the lifespans of balloons, and in the worst-case scenario, the excessive heat may even cause the balloons to pop. As such, avoid placing the inflated balloons in the car boot.

If you are taking public transport, we will advise you to collect the balloons at the party shop 1 to 2 hours before your event starts. Alternatively, you can consider purchasing deflated balloons and filling them up at your party instead. However, if you find both options too much of a hassle, we do provide delivery services. It is advisable to confirm your purchase early, so you are able to secure a delivery timeslot that you want as each delivery interval will be closed once they are fully taken up.

What are the customisable options available for your balloons?

At BoBoChaCha Balloons, we offer personalisation options for select products. We allow you to personalise the wordings on the balloon (our creative team will send the mock-up designs via Whatsapp for you to view them – latest 1 day before the actual date – once your order is placed), choose a preset theme or customise your own, select your balloon colour, pick the tassel paper colour (if applicable), and select the colour of the confetti (if applicable). If you like to learn more, you can contact us at +65 90171105 for more information.

What occasions do your balloons cater to?

At BoBoChaCha Balloons, our balloons cater to a wide variety of occasions, including:

• Anniversary
• Baby shower
• Bachelorette / Bride to be
• Birthday
• Graduation
• Gender reveal parties
• Proposal
• Wedding
• Get Well Soon
• Congratulations

Additionally, we have a wide variety of themed balloons suited for every occasion. If you are looking for the ideal balloon decorations for your special event, don’t hesitate to contact us at +65 90171105, and we will be glad to assist you!