4 Handy Tips On How To Make Your Latex Balloons Last Longer

4 Handy Tips On How To Make Your Latex Balloons Last Longer

Balloons are the quintessential party decoration for any celebration. No matter what occasion you are commemorating, the atmosphere fedels a little empty without some balloons floating around to spruce up the venue.

However, balloons usually deflate over time as the air or helium gradually diffuses into the atmosphere. Particularly, an average latex helium balloon can only last between 8 to 10 hours. So if you are planning a celebration that lasts for a longer duration, let us share four handy tips you can consider to extend the longevity of your party balloons.

1. Keep your balloons away from the heat

Latex balloons are sensitive to heat. When they are exposed to high temperatures, they generally last no more than 8 hours – they might even pop in extreme cases. Given Singapore’s humid climate, it might be best to utilise latex balloons for indoor parties only. 

If you are self-collecting your balloons from the local party shop beforehand, you should minimise exposing the party balloons to our sunny island’s notorious weather. We suggest keeping the balloons in the car with the air-conditioning turned on when you are transporting the decorations to the event venue. 

However, if you are taking public transport, it is best to collect your balloons 1 to 2 hours before the start of your celebration. Alternatively, you can consider purchasing deflated balloons and inflating them at the party itself. Should both options sound like too much of a hassle, there are party shops in Singapore that offer delivery services, which you can consider.

2. Store your balloons properly

When a balloon is inflated, it is immediately subjected to oxidation. When this process occurs, your latex balloons will break down gradually when they are exposed to the UV light produced by the sun. Oxidation can damage your latex balloons, making them lose their shine before the party even begins. 

So if you are inflating your latex balloons beforehand, we recommend storing them in a large plastic bag until the time of your event. This is an excellent way to prevent your balloons from being droopy, half-deflated, and exposed to direct sunlight. Just ensure the bag fits easily over the balloons and is not so tight that the balloons may pop.

3. Tie your balloons tightly

Whether you are inflating your latex balloon with helium or air, the balloon will let out the gas if it is not secured tightly. Therefore, after you are done inflating your latex balloon, you can use either a string or a ribbon to tie the balloon’s opening to prevent the balloon from seeping too much gas. 

4. Keep your balloons away from pets

If you have a pet at home, you should ensure your party balloons are kept out of your furry companion’s reach. When left to its own devices, the pretty colours and dangling balloon strings will attract the immediate attention of your pet, enticing them to play with the balloon. Your pet could accidentally puncture the balloons while playing with them, which can harm your furry companion. Not only will the loud pop of the balloons startle your pet, but it might also breathe in the helium that was used to inflate the balloons.


There are various ways you can prolong the lifespan of your latex balloons. We hope what we have shared is helpful and allows you to better plan your upcoming celebration so that you can ensure your balloon decorations last the duration of your party.

Another factor you should keep in mind is the quality of the balloons. The right traits can help to ensure the longevity of your balloons. So when you are out shopping for decorations for your next celebration, do not hesitate to check with the sales assistant at your local party shop for suitable balloons that meet your requirements.

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