Balloon Decor Trends: What’s Hot In 2023

Balloon Decor Trends: What's Hot In 2023

When it comes to decorating venues for special occasions, balloons are a classic choice that is always on-trend. Whether you are celebrating a personal milestone, such as a birthday or an anniversary, or organising a corporate gathering, balloons are a staple party decoration in Singapore that you should not forget about.

There are numerous ways to infuse creativity into your balloon décor and make a huge impact on your party’s ambience. From sophisticated garlands and arches to whimsical installations and sculptures, the possibilities with balloons are limitless. In this article, we will look at some of the best balloon décor trends that have been creating quite a buzz this 2023.

1. Balloon arches

Balloon arches are a timeless design that has been updated in the past couple of years with different colour combinations, sizes, and shapes. As its name implies, a balloon arch is an arch made usually of helium balloons that are used to highlight certain areas of a party venue, such as entryways and buffet tables. Nowadays, the most famous trend is to use a base colour and blow up a size bigger balloon to create an arch shape. You may also use various balloon shapes to come up with a more dynamic arch. 

2. Balloon garlands

Balloon garlands are a cost-effective and stylish way to add a more festive touch to any party. The term ‘balloon garland’ essentially refers to a string of inflated and attached balloons, which is often used to decorate railings and ceilings or to create balloon arches and columns. The most popular balloon garland trend today is to use a combination of transparent balloons and a colour scheme that matches the event theme.

3. Balloon drops

Balloon drops are an effective way to provide more excitement to your party. A balloon drop essentially refers to the act of numerous balloons falling from the ceiling. It is a chic version of confetti and creates an enormous impact on parties, both small and big. The most popular trend when it comes to balloon drops is to use clear balloons that are filled with confetti inside. When the balloons are released, the confetti pour down along with them.

4. Balloon installations and sculptures

Balloon installations and sculptures are a fun and memorable way to add a playful and creative touch to any event. Balloon installations and sculptures are basically unique pieces of art that are created out of balloons. They range from small sculptures to life-sized installations that match the theme of a private or corporate event. When it comes to balloon installations and sculptures, it has become a trend to customise the balloons and turn them into a product, brand logo, or character.

5. Balloon centerpieces

A party décor would not be complete without centerpieces on the table. And one of the most creative ways to adorn tables at parties is to use colourful balloons. Balloon centerpieces help to finalise the look and feel of your party by serving as a focal point that reinforces the event’s theme and acting as a conversation starter for the guests. The most popular balloon centerpiece trend that you should try for your next party is to create balloon bouquets that come in aesthetically pleasing arrangements.


Balloons never go out of style when it comes to decorating venues for special events. Indeed, regardless of what occasion you are celebrating, there is always going to be a balloon décor that fits your party’s needs and your personal preferences. From arches and garlands to sculptures and centerpieces, there are countless ways to take your party to the next level with the use of balloons. With creativity and a bit of professional help, you can surely achieve all the balloon trends you wish to see at your next party.

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