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16 Inch HAPPY BIRTHDAY letter foil balloons Banner – Purple


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Letter Balloon now comes with wide array of colours to suit your party theme!

Make better use of these little beautiful Happy Birthday Letter balloon in your party! they are great to fill the empty spaces of the wall and lift up the mood of the party!

A brilliant and handy deco everyone can have for their next party!

(Purchase Air Pump, Glue Dots, or Strings at our Balloon Accessories page if you need)

Size: Each balloons are 16inch in height and width may differ according to the type of alphabets.



Balloons will be shipped/ collected in flat packaging (deflated pack).

How to inflate? (AIR FILLED ONLY)

To inflate the balloon, just simply filled with air (Straw or Balloon pump), instruction as below:

**Please do take note these 16″ Alphabet or Number balloons will not float when you inflate it with Helium due to the nature of the balloon.

How to display the balloons?

(1) You can paste it on the wall or backdrop using glue dots or,

(2) Use balloon strings to hang it on the wall (you may purchase them separately under Balloon Accessories)

Important Notes:

  • Pump with care and do not over inflate it as it might burst the balloons.
  • Please inflate the balloon(s) at least 2 days before the event to check for defects so in the event of damaged items, we would be able to do replacement in time.
  • Replacement is only available at our office for exchange
  • The balloon(s) is reusable. To deflate the balloon, insert a straw to the opening (red plastic strip) of the balloon deep enough and gently depress the balloon to let the air out.