Happy Birthday Bouquet – With 24” Personalised balloon


This set consist of 1 x 24” Personalised Bubble Balloon & 2 x Happy Birthday Balloon Bouquets

One of our most popular set indeed where you get the best of both world! Having a mixture of Chrome balloons, Confetti balloons as well as standard ones in a bouquet make a beautiful combination. Having place them by the side of your personalised bubble balloon is even perfect

What’s more you get an additional HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bubble balloon in a balloon making it special!

Make it unique and personal when you personalized your message on it, over at BoBoChaChaBalloon, all our balloons are designed uniquely and with hearts and love! These personalized balloons can easily turn everywhere and anywhere into INSTA-Worthy spots, making it perfect for any occasions.

Perfect for any occasions: Bridal Photo shoot, Proposal, ROM, Wedding deco, Birthday Party, Anniversary, Bachelor Party, Bride to be party, Baby shower and many more!

Step 1: Personalize wording on balloon
Step 2: Stuffed mini 5 inch round balloon
Step 3: Balloon Bouquet
Step 4: Add on (Optional)
Step 5: Special remarks (Optional)