Number Candles – Gold


These number candles are in simple but classic colour of gold. Comes in different numbers for birthday cakes. Candle’s metallic surface that covered with gold foil, pretty and eye-catching under lamplight, it looked shiny when burning. Light up any birthday cake with these fancy candles.

Each packet contains 1pc of number candle (Individual pack).

Each number candle approximate length 2.3cm & height 3.8cm with 4.5cm stick = 8.3cm


  1. Look after burning candles; control at a safe distance.
  2. Do not let the children and pets arbitrarily close to burning candles.
  3. The candles should be far away from flammable items and heat radiating objects.
  4. Note the outflow hot was, so as not to cause burns or damaged goods.

The long thin candle suitable as your birthday cake decoration, or for anniversary, wedding, baby shower, bridal shower and any memorable occasions.