Party Popper – Gender Reveal (Blue / Pink) Paper Confetti 30cm


BLUE or PINK? What do you think? Come join us for a gender reveal party.

What a fun way to show off the gender of your unborn baby! This product is specially for gender reveal celebration party!

ANNOUNCE WITH A BANG! Keep everyone guessing until the gender reveal cannons are launched and the confetti explodes revealing the baby’s gender.

Each cannon has a colored sticker on the bottom to indicate what color confetti is inside. Please make sure sticker removed before given to the Dad and Mom ,so nobody spoils the big surprise.

Set off a cheering atmosphere to your party by scattering colorful confetti in the air, allow your families, friends and guests to take some interesting and beautiful pictures and record the moment.

Size: 30cm
Each cannon is filled with Colorful Blue / Pink Paper Confetti


  1. Hold top section with one hand.
  2. Hold bottom section with the other hand.
  3. Rotate in the arrow direction.
  4. Don’t aim at face, body and any objects.
  5. Don’t look at its top straightly before & after using.
  6. Keep away from fire. Children under 12 years old should be with adult supervision. This is not a toy.

Please store your cannons in a cool place and out of the sun.