Premium ORBZ Giant Balloon Bouquet (13pcs)


This giant bouquet is specially created using several premium ORBZ balloons, together with other complimentary balloons to make this the most classy and elegant one we have created thus far! They take a significant amount of space and definitely add a splash of colors to your event. The size and the use of various balloons that is put together make it look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, and will definitely make your guests go wow!

Height of Balloon bouquet: 2m to 2.2m tall


Step 1: 2pcs of 21″ Jumbo ORBZ Balloons

Step 2: 6pcs of 16″ ORBZ Balloons

Step 3: 2pcs of 15″ CUBEZ Balloons(The Diamond balloons will change to CUBEZ shaped balloon)