3 Ways To Congratulate A Graduating Loved One With Balloons

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Graduations are definitely not the event to scrimp on. They only come once in a lifetime and celebrate the hard-earned achievements of the fresh graduates. If your loved one is donning the black robes and square academic cap soon, you may be looking for a way to congratulate them on a job well done.

One of the most exciting ways to do this is through the ever-popular balloons! Balloons come in all shapes and sizes, making them perfect for catering to your special someone’s specific tastes.

They even come in a range of beautiful designs that are bound to surprise the lucky graduate. As a bonus, they make for outstanding photo props! Have a look at some of the many types of balloon you can get from party shops in Singapore to add an extra kick to their graduation.

Printed themed balloons

Did you know that there are balloons specifically made for graduations? Well, there are! These themed balloons have unique occasion-specific messages printed prominently on them that will make any graduate feel warm and fuzzy inside.

And they are extremely eye-catching as well. Most themed balloons are made with foil, which gives them a shimmering look that people just can’t help but admire. If that wasn’t enough, these balloons can be really big, ranging from 17 inches (about 43cm) to a whopping 34 inches (about 86cm). Now, that’s bound to get their attention!

To go all out, you get even get a themed balloon with an out-of-the-box shape. Some are made to look like graduation caps, stars, or even globes. There are just so many unique options out there that you may be spoilt for choice.

Bubble balloons

Bubble balloons are a luxury, unique personalised gift option for those ready to give their loved one an extravagant graduation. These gargantuan balloons are fully customisable, and you can print anything you want on the surface, from heartfelt messages to snazzy graphics.

You may also notice that they are perfectly smooth. That’s because of its special plastic material, which allows the whole balloon to be crease-free. So, there’s no need to worry about your message being hard to read.

Thanks to their size and sturdiness, they open up various other amazing design opportunities. One of the most exciting options is to have numerous smaller latex balloons placed inside the giant bubble balloon. With a rainbow of colour inside and a touching message on the exterior, your graduating loved one will be lost for words.

Balloon bouquets

There’s the age-old saying “quality over quantity”, but why not have both? Balloon bouquets are among the most popular balloon decorations in Singapore, and for good reason.

With a balloon bouquet, you can get a tastefully curated arrangement of balloons of any type you want. It’s super easy to get an assortment of classical latex balloons in your loved one’s favourite colours and scatter a few star-shaped foil balloons for variety.

The best part about balloon bouquets is that they complement anything! If you want to arrange a bunch of themed balloons in one set, that works swimmingly. If you are thinking of getting one to elevate your bubble balloon, that works too! The options are truly endless.


With so many gorgeous balloon decoration options around, there’s no reason not to get a splendid set of balloons for your loved one’s graduation. For balloons that will astound your loved one, it’s best to engage a reputable balloon shop in Singapore.

Well, look no further than Bobochacha! Our wide array of graduation themed balloons and myriad of balloon designs are sure to impress the well-deserving fresh graduate.

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