4 Party Accessories You Need To Have For Your Celebration

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Balloons are one of the quintessential party decorations people get when they are planning a celebration. However, they often overlook other key party supplies during the planning phase of their parties, which can lead to a late scramble to purchase the other essential accessories they need.

When you are tasked with arranging a celebration, being sufficiently prepared is key to pulling off a successful party. Therefore, it is crucial for you to understand what your celebration requires and get them beforehand, so you do not face the prospect of a late trip to a party shop to obtain the items you need. Let us share the four party accessories you should include in your checklist.

1. Balloon weight

If you are using helium balloons at your outdoor party, you are going to require something to keep them from drifting off into the sky. While you can consider tying the balloons to the chairs, doing so often leads to an unsightly mess. Moreover, your guests will likely find the balloons getting in their way when they are seated for their meals.

So if you are considering helium balloons as part of your party’s decorations, it is advisable to purchase several balloon weights as well. This accessory comes in various shapes and sizes – ranging from a mere 8 grams, which is sufficient to keep a single balloon from drifting away, all the way to 160 grams should you require a heftier weight to ground a bouquet of balloons. Furthermore, their designs can be as simple as a cube, so they will not take away from the aesthetics of the balloons, or they can be flashy, like a rocking horse, which add to the balloons’ overall appeal.

2. Photo clips and fairy lights

When planning a birthday party, it is vital for the guests to know who this celebration is for so the birthday celebrant can enjoy their moment in the spotlight. You may want to consider adorning the party venue with pictures and prints of the celebrant if you think they will enjoy the decoration.

You can even take things up a notch by hanging fairy lights across the walls and using photo clips to hang the various photos. Doing so will make the decorations more pleasing to the eyes. It will also provide a warm ambience that attracts the guests’ eyes to the decorative piece, thereby achieving your aim of spotlighting the celebrant.

3. Tinsel curtain

If you plan to have a photo booth at your party, you should definitely include tinsel curtains on your checklist. Depending on the celebration venue, you could be faced with a dull-coloured wall as the backdrop for your photo booth. Tinsel curtains allow you to inject some vibrant colours into the celebration. They also serve as an excellent background for the many memorable photos you and your guests will take.

4. Cake toppers

When you are getting a cake for a birthday party, you may request the baker to add a personalised message to mark the occasion. Generally, these messages will be written with icing. Hence, the message’s visual appeal depends on the calligraphy skills of the baker and the icing used. Moreover, on rare occasions, the message may be ruined if the icing is accidentally smudged during the delivery of the cake.

If you wish to avoid this scenario, you can consider using a cake topper as an alternative. Various party shops in Singapore even allow customers to personalise their message to commemorate the occasion. Cake toppers also come in numerous designs, so you can find one that perfectly complements your cake.


It can get pretty hectic when you are planning a celebration. You would not want to realise you have forgotten an item on the day of the event. Therefore, it is crucial for you to be thoroughly prepared and consider every possibility during the planning phase. Doing so can ensure you have purchased every party supplies you require to make the occasion memorable.

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