5 Stunning Party Décor Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Balloon Bouquet, Singapore Balloon Bouquet

Organising a party can be an expensive affair. Not only would you need to provide food for your guests, but you also need to think of entertainment options, venue rental, and other miscellaneous items like party favours and invites.

Naturally, many people end up temping on one thing – decorations. As decorations are usually ‘one-time-use’ items, most people don’t see a need to invest huge sums of money into the décor. While that’s perfectly normal, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style while saving costs.

Instead, decorating on a budget can still result in a spectacular party atmosphere. With just a little bit of creativity, you’ll be able to have a stunning party setup that your guests will never guess cost only less than a fraction of your whole party expenditure!

1. Use flowers wisely

Flowers are not the cheapest party décor around, but if used wisely, you can elevate the look of your party without breaking the bank. The trick is to maximise the visual effect with just a few flowers. For example, opt for tall vases at the buffet table, or just a small succulent as the centrepiece at each table.

You can also go for more affordable flower types that have a big presence. For instance, baby’s breath flowers are readily available, and give off a dreamy vibe to any room. If your event is reasonably large-scale, buying from a wholesaler will also save you quite a bit.

2. Use balloons

For fun and hipster-style parties or events, balloons are the way to go. A staple at children’s parties, balloons are making a comeback for use in even more formal occasions like weddings and corporate parties.

While the cost of balloons is pretty low, it all boils down to the styling to avoid the décor looking cheap. For just a bit more, you can have intricately styled balloon arrangements like an archway or a feature balloon bouquet. A common décor that never fails to bring up the mood is to fill up a room with loose helium party balloons just hovering at the ceiling.

3. Use party favours as decor

Party favours, or door gifts, are a great way to add to the décor of your party venue. Whether it is intricately arranged at your reception table, or placed strategically at every seat, a nicely wrapped party favour can help to tie the look together at your party.

A variation on this strategy is to involve your guests in the décor – have wearable items as your party favours, so that guests can also look the part at the party! Party hats are a whimsical addition to a fun party, or you could go for light sticks that can be worn as wristbands, or even temporary tattoos made specially for the event.

4. Use nature to your advantage

If you have the luxury of an outdoor location, or a scenic view from your party venue, use it! Nature is beautiful as it is, so you won’t need a lot of items to dress up your venue further.

Sometimes, all you need is some lighting effects to enhance the experience. You can incorporate some hanging fairy lights in your décor scheme to make the party come alive at night.

5. Use cutlery as décor

A nifty trick for saving on décor is to make practical items double up as your décor so you don’t have to spend extra on dedicated décor items. For instance, cutlery for food and drinks can serve as décor if you choose beautiful ones that fit your theme.

Party stores typically supply a vast range of cutlery in all kinds of colours and prints. You can spend a little more on some pretty designs, as after all, you will be saving costs by buying less of other decorative items!

As you can see, it doesn’t take a lot of money to decorate a party properly. With a little bit of creativity, you can make your party setup stand out and give your guests a welcome experience.