A Guide To Customising Your Ideal Party Balloon Bouquet

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Everybody loves a good balloon. It’s a common sight to see children excitedly bouncing them around, while adults admire their enticing hues. And what’s better than one balloon? A bunch of them!

Balloon bouquets, like their namesake, are a group of specially selected helium balloons tied together in a visually appealing arrangement. While this process may sound simple, a lot of thought goes into picking the correct type and number of balloons for a stunning bouquet.

If you’re thinking of getting a few balloon bouquets to liven up a celebration, here’s a simple guide of what to consider when selecting your balloons.

How they complement one another

Balloons are marvellously diverse in terms of colour and shape. As such, they present limitless combinations of balloon decorations for almost any kind of event. The best balloon bouquets take both factors into account to craft a stunning visual display.

Colour is arguably the most prominent factor because it’s the first thing that strikes a viewer when they look at the full bouquet. Usually, the overall colour scheme should fit the tone of the party. Additionally, you should think about the relationship between each colour.

Putting similar hues together makes the bouquet easy on the eyes, while contrasting colours command attention – a great option if you want the bouquet to stand out.

As for shape, the traditional balloon bouquet often includes only the classic round balloons, letting the arrangement and colours do the talking. However, many balloon bouquets today may include two shapes at most for a coherent aesthetic. If you’re looking to add a bit of contrast, feel free to include a star-shaped balloon or two.

How they complement the rest of the décor

Decorations don’t exist in isolation, and your balloon bouquet is no exception. So, now that you know how to make your bouquets look fabulous, it’s time to consider how they interact with the rest of your décor.

Most events will have an overall colour palette, whether it’s for a themed birthday party or a classy corporate event. A bouquet needs to be crafted to complement the overall mood, rather than stick out like a sore thumb. For instance, you would not want a neon green balloon bouquet in the middle of pastel-oriented decorations.

While there’s nothing wrong with making bold colour choices, they should be purposeful. A bouquet with colours that starkly contrast with the general palette should not be placed against the conflicting décor, but can be positioned separately as a centrepiece.

 Number of balloons

Many tend to overlook how different a balloon bouquet with 5 balloons looks compared to one with 12. While the former can still be arranged in a vertical line, with one balloon at each height, the latter is usually arranged like a cylinder, with multiple balloons at each height.

The number of balloons you want in your bouquet will depend on where you’re planning on putting it. If you’re getting a few to flank the corridors, a bunch of smaller bouquets would add an excellent splash of colour, without being too overwhelming. Whereas if you want a bouquet centrepiece that will sweep guests off their feet, don’t hesitate to get a prominent one with more balloons.

It’s also important to consider what you’re putting around the balloon decoration. You don’t want to block the sight of decorations behind it, after all. It would be a shame to let all those embellishments you got from the party shop go to waste. There is no shame in getting a smaller balloon bouquet if it allows your guests to see every bit of your marvellous party design.


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