Balloons Are Not Boring: Creative Ways To Using Them!

Balloons Are Not Boring: Creative Ways To Using Them!

Balloons are essential party décor elements that many misconceive as just inflatable decorations. However, what many of them do not know is that balloons can also be used for many other things, such as amazing arts and crafts projects, fun games, and educational purposes. There are several straightforward and easy ways to utilise balloons in a creative manner. These are some unique ideas we have compiled.

Arts and crafts

By inflating a rubber balloon, you can create a DIY button bowl. Apply glue to the upper portion of the inflated balloon, then stick colourful buttons onto it. Allow it some time for the glue to dry. After which, you will pop the balloon, and what you have left is the button bowl. It is interesting arts and crafts that you can do with young children.

Using the same method, you can also create yarn ball ornaments with your young children to decorate your home or to decorate a party. Similarly, blow up the balloon, then apply glue to the surface of the balloon. Then wind some yarn around the inflated balloon and leave it to dry. Once dried, pop the balloon, and you will have a DIY yarn ball ornament.

Party décor

We have written many articles on the versatility of balloons as party décor. From the use of helium balloons to elevate your décor to combining various coloured balloons to decorate your wall, the choices of decoration with balloons are endless. One unique way of using balloons that we might not have mentioned before is making a DIY confetti canon. All you need is a balloon, an empty roll of toilet paper, wrapping paper, double-sided tape, and of course, confetti.

  • First step: Snip off the top portion of the balloon.
  • Second step: Pull the opening of the balloon over the empty roll of toilet paper.
  • Third step: Tie the tail of the balloon and wrap the empty roll of toilet paper with double-sided tape.
  • Fourth step: Wrap the empty roll of toilet paper with wrapping paper
  • Fifth step: Fill the empty roll of toilet paper with as much confetti.

The fun part comes when you pull the bottom of the balloon and release it, letting out the confetti like a canon. This can be used as a fun prop for both adults and children’s parties.

Fun toys and education

Balloons are extremely affordable. Hence, they are a great tool to use with your children to create DIY toys and educate them at the same time. Using just an old plastic bottle and a balloon, you can teach them to make a simple race car and the science behind it. First, take the bottle and pierce two sticks through at each end of the bottle. Then, attach a bottle lid to each end of the sticks. Making a hole at the top of the bottle, stick a straw through it, leaving some portion of the straw out of the bottle. Inflate a balloon and wrap the end of the balloon around the straw while pinching it so that the air does not escape. Once you release your pinch, the balloon race car will accelerate forward.

Using this toy, you may organise a race with your children while educating them on the science behind it. How cool can that be? Killing two birds with one stone!


All in all, there are tons of ways to creatively use balloons, which come in many different shapes and sizes. From promoting your business with customised balloons to event décors for social celebrations, the creative aspect of balloons is far and beyond.

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