Easy Guide To Hosting A World Cup Party For Your Friends

Easy Guide To Hosting A World Cup Party For Your Friends

It’s mid-way through the world cup season, and things are getting heated on and off the field! If you are thinking of hosting a world cup party to catch some of the games, especially the finals, with your friends, we think it will be fun to share a couple of ideas on organising one that everybody can enjoy freely despite the game’s results!

1. Know the fixtures

Unless you have a specific team that you and your friends are supporting, knowing the fixtures allows you to make a clearer decision on the specific game you want to watch at the world cup party. Most would save the party for the final game, whichever teams are competing.

2. Get some food

What is a party without food? Food is a critical aspect of any party. It is a great way to keep you and your friends awake while adding to the vibes of the party. In the spirit of international competition, why not prepare an “around the world” spread consisting of various finger food and mains? From Spain’s tapas to Germany’s Bratwurst, the world cup party is a fantastic excuse for you and your friends to indulge in some classic international cuisines. However, if it seems like too much work, you cannot go wrong with classic party finger food or good old barbeque wings and satays.

3. Party games

The main game is, of course, the world cup game that you and your friends will be watching. However, you can spice things up by throwing in a mini-game to keep things a little more exciting and fun while watching the match. It would be fun to organise, alongside the main event, a sweepstake. If you do not know what a sweepstake is, it is basically a contest in which prizes are awarded to the winners. So, depending on the game your party is watching, you could split up the teams between the number of guests, pop them in a hat or a box, and get everybody to pick a piece of paper with the selected team. To make things a little more interesting, you can get your friends to throw in however much they think their selected team is worth. The total sum collected would be the final winning which will be divided evenly between those who are holding on to the winning team.

Another spin to this game would be player specific. Print the names of every player from each team and divide them into the party. You can allocate prizes for those who have the players who scored and forfeits for those who have the players that were booked.

4. Party décors

Obviously, this would be our favourite party element, as well as our speciality! The most straightforward and effective party décor would be hanging various nations’ flags around the party space. You do not need to do too much when it comes to world cup party decorations. At the end of the day, most of the time would be spent watching the game. However, you can add a little festivity to the space by getting some balloons in the two teams’ colours, for example, white for Japan and Blue for Australia. It does not matter what type of balloon decorations you are considering; you can find some of the best quality helium balloons in Singapore right here at BoBoChaCha Balloons.


Whether you go with minimum or full-on décor, simple or wide spread international food, we hope you have a ball of a time at your world cup party (no puns intended). At the end of the day, it is all about enjoying the world cup together with your friends.

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