New Parents: Tips To Help You Plan A Gender Reveal Party

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When you are about to become a parent, one of the many things that you are probably looking forward to is learning the gender of your newborn. This situation is often a big moment for any parent, let alone a couple expecting their first child. As such, it is no surprise to learn that many people have begun celebrating this occasion with a party – this phenomenon has even made its way to Singapore!

Needless to say, you and your spouse are unlikely to be the only ones keen to learn this news – the two of you are likely to receive plenty of questions about the baby’s gender. So why not plan a gender reveal party to let your friends and relatives join in on the celebration? If you are considering this option, you have to plan the party accordingly so that everything goes off without a hitch. As such, let us share some useful tips to help you start this party off on the right foot.

1. Book an ultrasound appointment

The first step to arranging a gender reveal party is to learn the gender of your baby. If the mother is 18 to 20 weeks into her pregnancy, the ultrasound technician should be able to determine your baby’s gender. However, do keep in mind that the baby’s position is crucial. If your baby is crossing his or her legs, the doctor will not be able to determine the gender. Should this situation occur, you might have to book another ultrasound appointment on a later date.

2. Set the date and send out the invitations

Once your baby’s gender is revealed, you will have to set a date for your gender reveal party. Just like any other party, it is advisable to send out the invitations a month or so in advance so that your invitees can have ample time to clear their schedules and make themselves available. As for the invitation itself, you can choose to send a physical or digital copy – even both! You are sure to find plenty of design samples online, which you can use to draw inspiration from.

3. Decide on the party’s theme

When you are searching for ideas for your gender reveal party, you would most likely encounter a consistent “blue and pink” theme for parties of such nature. It is common for blue to be associated with boys, whereas pink is generally associated with girls.

If this is your first gender reveal party, you might want to consider sticking to this conventional theme by purchasing blue or pink party decorations – depending on your newborn’s gender – from your nearest party shop, such as helium balloons and streamers. However, if you prefer to take creative liberties by thinking outside the box, such as opting for a “moustaches or lashes” theme, it is entirely up to you.

4. Plan the party activities

It is not a party without interactive activities, right? Gender reveal parties will also require some fun and games so that your guests can enjoy the occasion and interact with each other. There are a variety of activities that you can incorporate into your party, but one of the most common ones involve grouping people based on whether they think your baby is going to be a boy or a girl.

However, if you are trying to keep your guest list to a minimum, don’t worry because there are still plenty of fun activities that you can get them to participate in, such as having them look at your sonogram and have them guess the baby’s gender – whoever gets it right will receive a prize of your choosing.

5. Choose how your baby’s gender is revealed

The star of this party is the reveal of your baby’s gender. As such, it needs to be memorable. The aim is to build toward the climax, which is why the reveal is often saved towards the end of the party. There are multiple ways you can choose to reveal your baby’s gender, including slicing a neutral-coloured cake to reveal the colour of the cake’s content or popping party balloons containing either blue or pink confetti.


Gender reveal parties are a fun occasion for your loved ones to share in the joy you and your spouse are experiencing upon learning your baby’s gender. For the celebration of a new life, it is natural for you to want to make it a memorable event. However, no matter your plans for the party, it is best not to stress over every detail. The most crucial thing is to have fun and create new memories with your loved ones.

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