Jumbo Marble Mixed Balloon Bouquet – With Double Number Balloons (20pcs)


Send a BIG smile to whoever receive this as a gift! Use it to decorate the party, stand out & add fun to the any celebrations! be sure to have fun and laugh it off with friends and family, make the day memorable with this specially curated balloon mixed JUMBO balloon bouquet.

Height of Balloon bouquet: 2m to 2.2m tall


Step 2: Marble Colors

Step 3: Confetti Colors

Confetti Blue Splash

Confetti Rose Gold

Confetti Rainbow

Confetti Classic

Confetti Gold

Confetti Silver

Confetti Delight

Confetti Pink Blush

Confetti Valentine

Confetti Unicorn

Confetti Ice Blue

Confetti Tiffany

Confetti Yellow

Confetti Purple

Confetti Moss

Confetti Black

Confetti Red

Step 4: Standard Colors