Romantic Décor Display Ideas For Your Wedding Day Plans

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A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. While making your wedding day plans, you’ll want to be sure that when the time comes, you’ll be able to strut down the aisle in style. To do that, you’ll need to make décor plans for a romantic atmosphere. What better way to do that than with a beautiful blend of wedding balloon decorations?

Here are some brilliantly romantic décor displays that you can consider in your plans for the big day:

Airborn and light

For a feathery light atmosphere, you can use a variety of white, off-white, and see-through balloons. If your venue has a staircase, you can tie helium-filled balloons of different sizes along the rails of the stairs. You can even use a transparent fishline to tie the balloons, giving the illusion that they are floating mid-air. This works swimmingly along the aisle as well.

Drape some green vines or eucalyptus leaves over and around the balloons for added contrast, and to introduce a nature-y vibe. This setup will give an airy and romantic feel to your wedding. We have some marble white personalised gift boxes that be amazing to put the guest gifts in for this theme.

Origami and lights

Incorporating origami into your wedding can create a modern artistic look. Little paper butterflies or cranes can be hung on strings across the ceiling or along the walls of the venue. You can even get creative with your animal choices for some symbolic value. Use your favourite animal or one that’s significant in your culture!

This idea is also very flexible because the colour palette is entirely up to you, depending on what colour you choose for your origami paper. Pair the origami with some matching balloons with little fairy lights draped over them, and you will have a cohesive stylish look. The reflection of the light onto the paper will have added flair if you hold your wedding at night.

Soft pink and gold arch

Arches are excellent décor choices at entrances and aisles. Adorn them with a plentiful amount of flowers, plants and matching balloons to create a pleasant pastoral look.

Shades of pink, from dark to light, with splashes of glittery gold, are perfect combinations to create a soft romantic atmosphere. Our cotton candy balloon bundle would be perfect for such an aesthetic.

Valentine’s red

Nothing says romance more than red roses. Some may call it cliché, but it’s popular for a reason. Tried and tested, if you want to make a bold statement, there’s no shame in going full red.

Cover your reception table with a pink table cloth, sprinkle rose petals and arrange photo frames with photos of romantic memories between the two of you. Vases with small rose bouquets will complement the pink tablecloth nicely. You can even bring the pink and red theme to the seating areas and aisle with some cute balloon decorations. Our Love is in the Air bundle will fit this colour scheme perfectly.

Customised balloons

For a more playful and energetic feel, why not get some customised balloons to flank your entrance or reception table? A pair of large round white bubble balloons with your names as ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’ printed on them would be a cute introduction to your wedding and set a lively mood for your guests.

They would also serve as great photo props, and could even be an iconic centrepiece of your wedding photos. Also, you can use foil letter balloons to spell out romantic messages like ‘LOVE’. But if you think symbols speak louder than words, heart-shaped balloons are a brilliant alternative.

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to making a beautiful wedding. Of course, weddings can be fun and memorable but need a lot of planning to be successful. The decoration is no exception. Don’t be afraid to take your time plan out your wedding displays, because you’ll thank yourself for it when the day comes.

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