The Do’s and Don’ts of Giving Gifts at Your Workplace

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While gift-giving at the workplace isn’t mandatory, many people and businesses do exchange gifts, especially during the festive seasons. Finding the right gift for your acquaintance isn’t easy. It can be challenging finding an appropriate gift that isn’t too expensive nor too cheap, while remaining tasteful.

With that said, here are some do’s and don’ts of gift-giving at work to help you out when shopping!

Do: Stick to a budget

It is important to stick to a reasonable budget when shopping for your colleagues. Having a budget will not only prevent you from buying unnecessarily expensive gifts for your colleagues, but also keep your finances in check so that you don’t burn a hole in your wallet. Remember to stay within the price range without going overboard or skimping!

Don’t: Show favouritism

If you are going to give gifts to more than just one person, it might be better for you to try to get something for everyone in the office to avoid showing favouritism. However, if you are working in a big company, chances are you probably don’t know everyone, especially those from different departments. This is where a list would come in handy! Write down the names of the people from your department that you interact with on a daily basis or even those you talk to after hours.

Do: Be thoughtful

Most people spend at least 40-50 hours a week with your co-workers, which may be more time than they spend with their own family. This is a good chance to show your colleagues that you appreciate them with a gift that they will truly love. The gift does not need to be expensive, but it would be ideal if it were something you’ve noticed that they really like. For example, it can be an insulated coffee mug for that coffee addict in your department, or a reusable lunch box for the eco-friendly warrior. If you’re out of ideas, a customised gift box with small trinkets or tidbits can be an exciting gift too!

Don’t: Be too personal

While you might see some of your colleagues as a friend, you should avoid getting gifts that are too personal and intimate. Any gifts such as jewellery, perfume, and undergarments should be off-limits to avoid sending the wrong signals and making anyone feel uncomfortable. If you even have to consider if it’s inappropriate, you should probably avoid it.

Do: Include a gift receipt

Gift receipts are receipts that show that an item has been bought and paid for but doesn’t show the price of the item. Although you might have given the gift a lot of thought, there are times where someone has already beaten you to the punch and your colleague already has the item, or the gift might not fit. For personal gifts, a gift receipt would be useful so that they can exchange for something else.


Giving gifts at work is always a good idea. However, even if the intention is good, things don’t always turn out well. Follow these do’s and don’ts to find the perfect gift for your workmates and co-workers! Complement your gifts with some elegant and unique gift boxes from party shops in Singapore to make your gift stand out. If you’d like, why not even add a balloon or two to each gift for an added touch of whimsy?

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