Top 5 Things That Can Make Or Break Your Celebration

Top 5 Things That Can Make Or Break Your Celebration

Whether you are throwing a birthday party for your kid or a casual gathering among close friends, it is advisable to keep the interests and needs of all your guests in mind. After all, you would want the attendees to have a great time. And to achieve that, you have to plan everything properly – from the decorations to the activities.

However, if you are new to planning a party and would like some advice on how to plan a memorable celebration, then fret not! We have got you covered. Let us share the top five things you need to consider that can make or break your party.

1. Time and date

The time and date are the most important factors to consider when planning a party. Given the hectic lifestyle that many Singaporeans lead, it is a challenge for your guests to commit to a specific date within a short timeframe.

Moreover, you will likely get a positive response if your party is on the weekend or a public holiday as compared to a weekday, as your guests will be too tired from work to attend. Even if they are available, they will not be able to stay long since they have to wake up early for work the following day.

If you do not choose the right time and date, you will probably encounter a few rejections. And a party lacking guests can often lead to a more sombre atmosphere, which is not the mood you would want for your party. As such, you need to ensure that you choose a day where most of your guests will be available.

2. Theme

Once you have fixed a date for your celebration, you will need to determine the next crucial factor – the theme of your party. After all, every great party needs to have an exciting theme.

For example, if you are planning to celebrate Christmas, you might consider a winter theme where everybody dresses up in their favourite holiday sweater. This theme extends to the party decoration as well. This is because having the appropriate decoration can set the right mood for the party-goers.

However, if you cannot decide on a theme, you might want to consider getting some inspiration online. Again, it is vital to choose a theme that is relevant to the celebration so that you can select the appropriate props and decorations for the party.

3. Food and drinks

Once you have gotten the party supplies you need, you will have to consider the food and beverages to serve your guests. Do take into consideration the different dietary and allergy requirements among your attendees. After all, as the host of the party, it is your obligation to ensure every guest’s need is attended to.

Therefore, we highly recommend checking with your guests on their dietary requirements before purchasing the food. If there are attendees who require a vegetarian or halal option, you can order from a separate caterer.

Additionally, if there are kids attending the celebration, you should consider separating the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and labelling them accordingly to avoid any potential mix-up from occurring.

4. Activities

In addition to the food and beverages, you will need to consider how to keep your guests entertained throughout the entire party. While everyone appreciates the opportunity to catch up with each other and enjoy each other’s company, you also cannot expect them to be eating and talking for the entire duration of the party.

Inserting fun activities throughout the party itinerary is an excellent way to get everyone excited and invested. It is vital to ensure that you plan out party games and activities that everyone can participate in so that no one feels excluded. You can even consider including a prize for the winner of each game to incentivise the guests to give it their all. You can even take a couple of spare balloons from your party decoration and use them as a prop for various fun party games.

5. Music

Music is subjective, and everyone’s tastes can differ. However, you would not want to choose the wrong song for the party, as inappropriate music can ruin the entire atmosphere of the party. For example, you do not wish to play a sombre and emotional song during a celebration since a party is meant to be festive and upbeat.

Additionally, you should also consider the theme of the party. If you are hosting a Christmas party, your guests will likely expect famous Xmas songs, like Santa Claus Is Coming To Town or All I Want For Christmas Is You. It will be bizarre if your Spotify playlist for this party contains songs for other special occasions like Chinese New Year instead.


Proper planning is essential if you want to ensure your guests have a great time at your party. We hope what we have shared has provided you with a better understanding of what you need to keep in mind during the planning phase of your celebration.

Don’t forget to head over to your nearest party shop to stock up on the supplies you will need to organise an unforgettable party for your guests!