10 Creative Balloon Decor Ideas For Your Next Event

10 Creative Balloon Decor Ideas For Your Next Event

Balloon décors are similar to any décor trend. All it takes is for one really unique idea to trend to get the wheels turning, and before anybody realises, there are remixed versions popping up in various spaces. The recent rise in popularity of balloon garlands has resulted in balloons being a must-have décor element at any event space.

In this post, we have compiled several ways to help you utilise balloons in a fresh perspective and get your party more Instagram kudos.

1. Entryway balloon garland

If you are looking to ensure that your guests know they are in for a memorable and fun time, then adding a waterfall-like balloon garland at the entrance of the space can help you achieve so. You can create the décor by attaching many balloons of various colours together and twisting together some tropical florals and leaves. The decorative elements are dependent on your party’s theme. The thing about balloon installations at the entrance is that they are perfect for first impressions and set the tone for the party.

2. Table balloon decorations

Swap out chandeliers or ceiling lighting for balloon ceiling decorations. Low-hanging table balloon decorations can help to create the illusion of a more intimate and cosier atmosphere. Rather than relying on a ceiling or external lights, you can hang a bunch of decorative fairy lights air-filled balloons over the table. Alternatively, you can also use helium balloons for outdoor areas or lofty, large venues that do not have any architectural structures.

3. Balloon place cards

Do not misunderstand us. A perfectly written piece of place card works as well. However, why not add a fun element to it by using a simple balloon? It is versatile and can fit any party theme. If you are organising your child’s birthday, using pastel balloons with block lettering is ideal, while black balloons with gold-trimmed lettering are ideal for formal events.

4. Backdrop balloon garland

Just like the main image of this post, if you are looking to draw your guests’ attention to a particular area, you can use a backdrop balloon garland. They are an excellent alternative to the traditional floral installation most would use.

5. Balloon backdrop for photo booth

If you want to get more Instagram kudos for your party, then photo booths are one of the key ways to help you achieve them. Not only are they ideal décor opportunities, but they are also one of the key spaces where your guests will congregate. You can easily create a super chic backdrop by lining the wall with fairy lights framed with a colourful balloon garland.

6. Balloon wall

Most people would prefer to fill up a section of the wall with biophilic elements, such as flowers or greens. However, if you are trying to make a dramatic statement or fill a significantly large empty wall, biophilic elements can be costly. Hence, we recommend you create a balloon wall. Not only are they significantly more affordable, but they can also be easily customisable to fit any colour theme. Additionally, you can mix a couple of different-sized balloons to elevate the look.

7. Masking distressed spaces

There are times when you might book an event space that you really like, but there are some distressed areas, such as a crack on the wall or a torn wallpaper. Using balloon decorations to mask those spots can help to cover imperfections and beautify the space at the same time.

8. Mixing materials

Rather than just using a single material for the balloon decorations, why not consider mixing together a couple of different materials? For example, mixing foil balloons with rubber balloons or including some streamers, tinsels, or sash to the arrangement to add texture and depth.

9. Floor décor

Many assume that only the walls and ceilings must be decorated. However, do not miss out on the floor. When done correctly, they are a great opportunity to wow your guests. Balloons can be as celebratory when blown up and placed randomly on the ground. All you need to do is to blow them or pump them up to various colours and sizes and throw them randomly.

10. Balloon ceiling décor

Filling the ceiling with balloons en masse helps you to create a special faux canopy effect. You can either release a bunch of helium balloons or bundle a couple of air-filled balloons together using strings and tie them to the ceiling structure. There are ways to make balloons “fly” without using helium.


There are so many ways you can use balloons to decorate your event. It is only limited to your imagination. Nevertheless, BoBoChaCha is here to help. Our party store offers a wide variety of unique balloon designs and decorative elements for your event needs. Visit us at https://www.bobochachaballoon.com/ to find out more!