Making Your Balloon “Fly” Without The Use Of Helium Gas

Making Your Balloon "Fly" Without The Use Of Helium Gas

Balloons are among the most essential and classic party decorations you can get. While most would dispute its necessity, we would like to say that they are not boring at all; there are many creative ways to incorporate them into your décor. Balloons are available in all forms of colours, sizes, and shapes and can help to elevate the vibe for any event and party.

Helium balloons are some of the most popular balloon décors that people go for. But what can you do if you have balloons but no helium? While you may get helium balloons services from a party store in Singapore, such as BoBoChaCha Balloons, there are amusing tricks to make your balloon “fly” without the use of helium gas. Here are some ways you can do so.

The Balloon Drop

The balloon drop is a classic event and party trick that can ‘wow’ your guests! To achieve an aesthetically pleasing balloon drop, you need to get balloons of various colours and styles, a sheet, balls of strings, and a heavy object to hold the string.

Once you got everything, inflate the balloons to the desired size. After you have inflated the balloons, fix the sheet on the ceiling of the space using the strings or ropes and a couple of tapes. Once you have done so, you should have a hammock-like structure in which you can now place the inflated balloons on top of the sheet. After which, using whatever remaining strings, fasten them to either end of the taped strings, holding it with a heavy object. When it is time for the grand reveal, simply tug at the strings to tear off the tapes, releasing one side of the sheet, which will release the balloons. Your guests will be amazed at the beautiful sight as the balloons “fly” down from above.

The Balloon Garland

The balloon garland is a decoration method that is ideal if you are looking to create an impactful and beautiful décor piece without having to over-purchase balloons. Once again, you need to get balloons of various colours and styles, a needle, and some strings or clear fishing lines.

First, inflate the balloons to the desired size but do not tie the ends. Thread the needles through the end of the balloon with the long strings or clear fishing line. You might want to alternate between styles or colours of the balloons as you thread them.

Once every balloon is adequately threaded through, you then tie the ends of the balloons. The trick behind this décor is to not tie them tightly as you hope to have adequate amount of space between the balloons so that they are able to move a little when air passes through them, giving them the impression that they are “flying”.

You can place them anywhere, from the entrance to flushing them to the wall. Either way, they make a good photo backdrop for your guests.


So, two methods to making balloons “fly” without the use of helium gas. We hope that with this décor idea, you might realise the versatility of balloons and perhaps consider using them in your next party or event decoration. If you are looking for other balloon inspirations, be sure to check out the rest of our posts at