3 DIY Crafts And Decorations You Can Make With Balloons

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We all know that balloons are quintessential party decorations. However, what can you do with these ornaments after the celebration has concluded? Well, you can opt to give them away or deflate and store them away for a later occasion. However, if these two options are not viable, fret not, as there are plenty of ways you can utilise your leftover balloons.

Balloons are highly versatile, and they can be more than just party décor; they can also entice the creative soul within. There are a variety of DIY projects one can accomplish with them. Whether you want to make something decorative or practical, let us share the different things you didn’t know you could do with balloons.

1. Form a cloud with balloons

This decorative piece is ideal for a baby shower or a child’s birthday party. Before you begin, you will need a bouquet of white balloons and several art and craft instruments, such as strings and glue. Inflate the balloons before pairing them together and tying their ends to each other with a string.

Once the balloons have been segregated into their respective pairings, take two sets of balloons and attach them with a fishing line. Repeat this process, and the DIY balloon cloud will soon start to take shape. When the ornament reaches your desired size, you can begin glueing the decorative elements, like cotton or poly stuffing, onto your cluster of balloons, so it resembles a cloud. We recommend using helium balloons so that your DIY cloud can float to the ceiling as an actual one would.

2. Stress balls

A stress ball is an excellent way for you to relieve any pent-up stress. Not only are you relieving your muscles and tension, but you are also exercising your hands. While you can find this product online at an affordable price, why not induce your creative side by fashioning a stress ball out of balloons instead?

Begin by inflating the balloon until it is about 10 to 12 centimetres in diameter. Once you have achieved the desired length, pinch the top of the balloon shut, so the air does not leak out. After squeezing the top of the balloon, insert a funnel inside its opening.

Pour a small amount of cornstarch into the funnel with your free hand to funnel it into the balloon. While you are doing this, slowly let go of your fingers so the air can escape, allowing the cornstarch to slide into the balloon. The air leaving the balloon might blow the cornstarch outwards, leaving a mess. Therefore, your timing is crucial.

Continue adding cornstarch until the balloon is filled to a depth of about 7 centimetres. When you have achieved this, squeeze out the excess air by pulling tightly on the opening of the balloon. This is a crucial process as extra air inside the balloon can cause the stress ball to pop. Once the surplus air is removed, tie the balloon up and cut off any excess parts with a pair of scissors.

Ta-da! You now have your very own DIY stress ball. You can even show off your artistic skills by painting flowers, patterns, or even Van Gogh’s starry night on the exterior of your stress ball.

3. Decorative glitter bowls

While you may not be able to eat out of this decorative bowl, this DIY project can be the standout ornament in your home. Before you begin, you will need the following items: glitter, mod podge glue, a brush, and a balloon.

Start by mixing the glitter and glue in a small container. Your glitter flakes need to be more prominent so if you find the mixture is still too thin and watery, keep adding more glitter into the mix.

Once the blend is completed, inflate your balloon to your desired size before propping it on top of a mug. The cup helps hold the balloon in place while you start to plaster your glitter mix all over it. When you are done, leave the mixture to dry. After the initial layer has dried, proceed to apply a thicker layer at the top to create a base for the bowl.

Subsequently, leave the outer layer to dry. After this step is accomplished, turn the balloon over so the glitter glue will form a flat base. However, it is not quite ready just yet as you need to let it settle overnight. Come back to your balloon the next day, and you will find that the glitter glue has hardened completely. Now, you can proceed to pop the balloon, and you will be left with a stunning glitter bowl.


There is no denying the versatility of balloons. Aside from completing the vibe of a party, it is also an important component for various DIY crafts and decorations. What we have shared is only a small sample of what you can do with balloons. Continue to innovate and experiment to find out what DIY projects you can accomplish with them.

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