The Importance Of Balloons In Common Celebrations

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The invention of the rubber balloon can be traced back to 1842, when a scientist named Michael Faraday came up with the idea of cutting two round sheets of rubber, laying them one on top of the other, and sealing the edges together. The balloons were initially meant to be used in his experiments with hydrogen. However, their purpose has since evolved over the years. What started as a scientific tool can now be found in celebrations big and small. If you have attended a party before, you would likely have spotted balloons being used as part of the decorations. Moreover, they usually come in various types, shapes, and sizes, which helps to explain their enduring popularity as a party decoration.

The common types of celebratory balloons

Latex is the most common type of material used to make party balloons due to its versatile nature. As latex is a light material, latex balloons are the ideal balloon-type to use when you are looking to decorate a party with helium balloons. Moreover, latex is elastic, making these balloons hugely popular with stage magicians, who utilise them to make balloon animals at a kid’s party.

While mylar and foil balloons have been in production since the 70s, these balloon types only recently experienced a surge in popularity due to social media. With their smooth and shiny surfaces, these balloons are a huge hit among the teenage and young adult crowds who love to post the pictures they take at a party on their social media accounts. These balloons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which make them ideal for any occasion.

Why balloons are important

No matter which balloon decorations you opt for, there is no denying that the right choice can significantly enhance the atmosphere of a party. Similar to a cake, party balloons have become an essential part of any celebration. In fact, balloons are probably one of the first images that come to mind when you hear the word party. They help to inject fun into the overall atmosphere of the event. Moreover, they make for great party favours for your guests to take home with them.

Additionally, designing and decorating your party with balloons help to create a lively environment. An attractive venue is often the catalyst for your guests to come up with creative and fun photo opportunities. After all, what better way to commemorate the occasion than immortalising the special day on film. If you are the assigned party planner, you are probably hoping to facilitate unique moments for your guests to showcase your party decorations. Elegant party balloons, and custom balloons, in particular, can help you to accomplish that.


Whatever the occasion may be, balloons can help to elevate the celebrations to new heights. Therefore, the next time you plan a celebration, ensure you do not forget this vital party supply in your shopping list. You can easily find various high-quality balloons at a party shop in Singapore. Do not hesitate to seek the staff’s professional help if you have any enquiries regarding the party décor.

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