3 Excellent Ways To Decorate Using Helium-Free Balloons

Big, bright, and beautiful balloons will always have their place in any party decorations. No matter the occasion, whether it is for a kid’s birthday party or a wedding ceremony, balloons can add a pop of colour and enhance your event space. Given the wealth of options at your disposal, you will be able to come up with a way to liven up the atmosphere of any event with these ornaments.

Should you plan to decorate your event with floating balloons, you will also have to purchase helium gas. However, if you have forgotten to stock up on this gas, then fret not, as there are still several ways to maximise your balloons even without their unique floating feature. Read on to learn three simple ways to decorate with your helium-free balloons!

1. Impress your guests with a balloon arch

Suppose your event lacks a centrepiece that possesses the major “wow” factor to bedazzle your guests. In that case, a balloon arch might be the solution you are looking for. This custom decoration is not only easy for beginners to create on their own, but it also adds grandiosity to your party’s venue.

If you are keen on creating a balloon arch from scratch, you will first need a couple of things – the arch’s base and a copious number of balloons. Once you’ve determined the arch’s desired size and colour scheme, all that is left to do is to inflate the balloons with an air pump and attach them to the base with tape. With a few helping hands, you will soon have your brand new, unique balloon arch ready to amaze your guests!

2. Think out of the box and hang them upside down

When people think of balloons, they would usually imagine them floating up towards the ceiling. However, there are no rules to state that they can only be positioned upright, so why not hang them upside down instead?

Air-filled balloons are perfect for this unorthodox balloon decorating method. You can hang them from the ceiling in intricate designs that will uplift the atmosphere and delight your guests. For example, you can alternate colours to create a mesmerising checkered pattern or vary the craft string you use to attach them. You can even use clear tapes and some ribbon to mimic the effect of floating helium balloons on your ceiling.

This method also works for outdoor events. You can hang the balloons from tree branches and tentage poles. However, take note of your safety when decorating and use a secure, stable ladder to approach the hard-to-reach places.

3. Utilise them as wall décor

Another marvellous balloon decorating idea is to use them as wall decor! A balloon wall is typically the go-to arrangement for this type of setup. A glue gun and some wires are all you need to attach these balloons to a wire panel. After the balloon wall is completed, you can place it anywhere you wish.

If you are celebrating a young child’s birthday, the birthday balloon decorations may include a variety of adorable shapes and a pastel colour scheme. Conversely, for a more glamourous and mature ambience, opt for opulent jewel tones and foil balloons to ramp up the luxury and class of your party.

Your completed balloon wall can be propped up against the walls of your venue or even serve as a backdrop for taking Insta-worthy pics. With endless possibilities, your options are boundless, and you are only limited by your creativity.


When it comes to balloon décor, the sky is the limit. Even without helium, there are still various balloon decorating ideas for you to choose from. Their affordability and accessibility make them a party necessity.

If you are struggling to find the ideal balloon decorations for your celebration, you can consult the party shop you intend to purchase the balloons from. Their staff members are familiar with their inventory and can recommend the perfect balloons for your party.

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