3 Ways To Use Balloons To Make Your Event A Memorable One

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No matter the event you are planning for, there is always a degree of pressure to get the decorations right. A brilliant décor can leave a lasting impression on the guests. Conversely, dull decorations can adversely impact your event in subtle ways.

Although finding the perfect decoration is easier said than done, the simple addition of balloons as your choice of décor will make this goal seem more attainable than before. Let us share three ways you can sweep your guests off their feet with the help of these versatile ornaments.

1. Pair balloons with your party favours

End your event on a sweet note by bidding your guests farewell with some tasteful party favours! This little sentimental touch leaves a more lasting impression as your guest get to make their way home with a tangible memory of the event. With such a heartfelt and thoughtful gift, they are bound to remember your party for days to come.

You can even customise the party favours according to your event’s theme and purpose. This is a relatively inexpensive but brilliant way to impress your guest. Additionally, you pair the gifts with some beautiful, custom-made miniature balloons!

If you are planning a birthday party, you may want to consider dinosaur or Paw Patrol themed balloons. However, for formal and professional occasions, go for a souvenir goodie bag with more functional items, and attach them to singular balloons from your event.

2. Spice up the venue with an ethereal balloon canopy

Mesmerise your guests the moment they step into the venue with an ethereal balloon canopy installation! This seemingly intricate piece utilises balloons of varying sizes and colours to cover an otherwise bland ceiling with a hypnotic sea of vibrant hues that will keep your attendees spellbound all evening.

To accentuate this magical effect, transfix your guests with lighting around the balloon installation. Translucent balloons that deflect and transform the overhead lighting can alter the colours of the plain white light from the ceiling, enhancing the atmosphere.

For delicate, angelic beams, try pairing white light with latex balloons in a variety of pastel colours, such as lilac and silver. Conversely, dark balloons with accents of gold are suitable for dim rooms as they can help dramatise your event. Lastly, feel free to experiment with the overhead or surrounding lighting to achieve the ideal setting for your balloon canopy.

3. Employ larger-than-life balloon installations as main centrepieces

Does your event still look plain and boring after installing the various decorations? If you lack a unique, eye-catching centrepiece for your venue, you might want to consider a larger-than-life balloon installation!

With the various resources available on the internet, you can easily find the ideal design to complement your existing decorations. After settling on a design, you can have the installation custom made.

For a professional event, opt for a balloon installation in the shape of your company’s logo. In contrast, a heart-shaped structure is tasteful and romantic for a wedding. Regardless of the occasion, this unorthodox installation will undoubtedly impress your guests.


It can get overwhelming when you are planning for an event. While the decorations may be a vital component of any party, you should not lose sight of the other tasks you need to focus on. The flexibility of balloons guarantees a fuss-free, foolproof way of decorating a stellar event. You can get various high-quality balloons from a party shop in Singapore. Do not hesitate to seek their professional help if you have any enquiries regarding your balloon décor.

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