3 Ways To Market And Advertise Your Brand Using Balloons

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What comes to mind when you see balloons? Immediately, a sense of excitement, celebration, and fun is triggered. These positive associations are what makes balloons so ideal for events like parties and even weddings.

However, did you know that balloons are also popularly used in corporate events? Yes – from product launches to roadshows, and networking parties to office galas, balloons have found its way into the corporate world.

Fact is, the humble balloon is a brilliant way to brand and market a business, and that is why they are particularly loved in corporate events. Wondering how you can make use of balloons to promote your business? Pick up some ideas right here!

1. Attract attention with snazzy decor

It’s been said before, and we’ll say it again. Balloons just grab so much attention, you’ll be curious to check things out if you see balloons in the distance. And that’s where balloon decorations can help your brand market itself. If you are hosting a public event like a new store launch or roadshow, having striking balloon decorations could be the key in drawing eyes and footfall to your event.

For closed door events like private networking parties or product launches, balloons could also play a part in elevating the atmosphere. Once you’ve gotten their attention, your guests will form a positive impression of your brand, and be more inclined to listen to what you have to say.

2. Play into the hearts of children and parents

How many children could resist a free balloon? If you want to create some buzz on the streets, giving out free balloons is a great way! This guerrilla marketing strategy is widely used even today, and is best at gathering the interest of children and their parents. Thus, if you have a business targeted at children or parents, this method might just work for you!

The moment when the child approaches with their parents is your chance. Promoters can seize the moment to talk about their latest products, or hand out some flyers along with the balloon. A bonus: Get your brand seen by even more people when children carry these helium balloons around or out of the area!

3. Pump up brand awareness with customisation

Perhaps the best thing about using the trusty helium balloon to advertise is that they can be customised. By just printing your brand logo on balloons, you can instantly rev up brand awareness and make your brand more memorable.

Apart from printing, balloons can also be customised through their arrangements. A balloon arc or balloon wall is a sure way to turn some heads, and better still if they are coordinated to your brand colours! With so many ways to customise balloons, this is a branding tool you can capitalise on.


Attractive, cost-effective, and fully customisable – there are so many reasons why balloons can be your next best friend in marketing. Don’t estimate what the humble balloons at the party shops can do for your business!

Enquire today at BoBoChaCha to see how we can add some colour and vibrance to your corporate events. Be it with balloon décor or customised balloons, we’ll be glad to make it work for you!

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