5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Getting A Personalised Gift

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One of the best ways to make a memorable and lasting impression when giving away a gift is through giving away customised gifts for birthdays and other occasions. With personalised gifts, it will make the gift appear more thoughtful as the giver has gone to the effort of making it special.

However, choosing the right personalised gift can be challenging. For example, how should you customise the gift? To take the fear and hassle out of getting your next customised gift, here are 5 tips to help make looking for unique personalised gifts in Singapore easier and more enjoyable.

1. Think of the occasion or event

Not all personalised gifts are great for any kind of event or occasion. Generally, personalised gifts are suitable for events where your recipients are pre-determined and specific. For example, personalised gifts are great for birthdays, as they are a day to celebrate the birthday boy or girl! However, getting personalised gifts for a whole company of colleagues may prove a little more challenging due to the large number of recipients you may have.

2. Make it personal

It’s easiest to personalise a gift by just including the recipient’s name on the gift. However, there are plenty of other ways to personalise it to their tastes! For example, you may consider their favourite colour, or their favourite movie or characters, and find a way to add that to the item. Finding a gift that relates to the recipient’s interests will truly show how much you care and know about them!

3. Leave a message

Not sure what they like? Show your sincerity by leaving a heartfelt message! Many gift shops and party stores offer customisation services for their products, such as cards or balloons. Request to get your message printed or handwritten on an accompanying card. Rather than the default messages of store-bought cards, a sincere message will demonstrate your thoughtfulness effectively.

4. Order ahead of time

If you are opting for personalised gifts that require printing, engraving, and the like, you have to order ahead of time. Do take into account the amount of time it takes to customise the product – and more so if you are ordering a sizeable number of them!

5. Don’t forget to double-check

Because unique personalised gifts rely so much on customisation, you should always double-check before placing your order. No one wants to experience the embarrassment of having their gift recipient’s name spelt wrongly! Furthermore, it is unlikely you will be able to get a refund or exchange on the customised product, especially if the error was found to be on the customer’s part.


The best thing about personalised gifts is that, regardless of the occasion, a personalised gift will always stand out. You just have to make sure that your gift stands out the right way. Let the tips above guide you in getting a personalised gift without the headache!

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