4 Balloon Ideas To Surprise Your Mum For Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it is a special day for us to show our appreciation to the woman who has been there for us since day one. It is time to start racking your brain for the perfect gift to surprise and wow your mum. While it may be tempting to get a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers, they may be cliché and don’t quite cut it any longer.

Why not consider something with a personalised touch? Expensive gifts may have the wow factor, but they often say it is the thought that counts. Mothers appreciate it when their loved ones go the extra mile to showcase their love and admiration. You can also spice up the celebration with some party balloons. Cause nothing says “let’s celebrate” more than some stunning balloon decorations.

If you are struggling to come up with a memorable plan for Mother’s Day, then fret not as we have you covered. Let us share four brilliant Mother’s Day ideas with you and how you can enhance the festivities using balloons.

1. Surprise mum with a home-cooked meal

They say nothing beats a mother’s home-cooked meal. Why not return the favour this May by cooking for your mum in return? It does not have to be something fancy either. You can find a simple recipe online and prepare that for your mum. We are sure this meal will warm her heart.

Younger siblings can help out by serving the food to mum while you are busy plating it up. Add a fun twist to the meal by serving the food on a tray with a bouquet of “I love mum” balloons. This Mother’s Day meal will not only taste good, but it will also look good.

2. Bring mum out for a family picnic

If cooking is not your forte, why not bring your mum out for a family picnic? Your family can head over to the supermarket to get some light snacks before heading down to the beach to enjoy the sea breeze and take in the sights. What matters the most to your mum is the quality time she gets to enjoy with her family. You can consider tying balloons to the picnic basket to help set a festive mood for this special occasion.

3. Tell mum why you love her

Nothing touches the heart quite like a reaffirmation of love. Let your mum know the various ways the family appreciates her by writing these thoughts down. You can tie these notes to an assortment of helium balloons and decorate her room in secret. Surprise her when the time is right and watch as the love soars as high as those balloons.

Alternatively, you can forego paper and use the balloons instead. You and your siblings can decorate each balloon with your own unique, personalised message and art. Your mum is sure to be delighted and amazed at the creativity showcased by her children.

4. Get mum a gift and tie it with a balloon

If wrapping a present is not your strong suit, you can consider other alternatives. Tying a bouquet of balloons to a gift bag can achieve the desired effect. Your mum will undoubtedly be wowed by the efforts you have made to impress her with your gift.


This list is by no means exhaustive, but we hope it has given you some ideas on how you can celebrate this special occasion. If you have any enquiries on balloon decorations, you can consult a party shop in Singapore and seek professional help from its staff.