4 Tips To Keep In Mind When Selecting A Birthday Gift

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Good gift giving can be a skill, but it is also a tough one to master. There are likely to be several occasions where you are just stumped when it is your turn to get the presents. Birthdays are yearly occasions, so you are likely to encounter such a situation eventually.

It can be tempting for you to buy an expensive present or a commonly used item. However, it may be wise to pause and consider your options carefully before taking out your wallet. A good birthday gift can demonstrate that you care enough to consider what the recipient likes. Here are four valuable tips to get you started towards finding the perfect gift for a friend.

1. Consider the interests of the recipient

The worst gift someone can receive is an item that they do not care for. Many find it a hassle to return the gift on such occasions. The majority will chuck the present in one corner of their storeroom, never to be seen again.

Careful consideration of your friend’s interests can be beneficial to both parties. Will your friend appreciate a practical household item? Should you consider a decorative poster of their favourite band? By asking yourself these questions, you can ensure they receive a gift that they will cherish. On the flip side, your friend will appreciate the effort you put into the present, and they may reciprocate by surprising you during your birthday.

2. Be observant

Sometimes your friend may have given you a clue without both of you knowing about it. It is common for both parties to talk about their daily lives or update each other on any new changes during conversations. You may find your friend unintentionally dropping hints at what they need in their everyday lives on such occasions.

Their microwave may have broken down, or maybe they just got a new puppy. These idle conversations may not seem like much initially, but they can provide you with great gift ideas. Just remember to subtly check back with them before purchasing the item, as there is a likelihood of them getting a similar product independently.

3. Consider gifting an experience

Not every gift has to be material. An experience can be an equally memorable gift. Is your friend a thrill-seeker? Then you may want to consider taking him/her to a theme park or a paintball session. Birthday celebrations don’t have to be the usual lunch/dinner fare either. Why not be a bit creative and think outside-the-box? You could plan a scavenger hunt or try out a virtual reality game. The possibilities are endless.

Alternatively, you may consider throwing your friend a birthday party. Balloons are fantastic party decorations. Not only are balloons cheap, but they come in various shapes and colours, which will significantly enhance the mood of your party. Most importantly, your friend will appreciate the time and effort you spent celebrating his/her special occasion.

The joy of spending quality time with your friends trumps any lavish gifts you can think of. You can take a picture at the end of the day and frame it to commemorate the occasion. In the future, everyone will look back on this day with fond memories.

4. Customise your gift 

A gift with a personalised touch can go a long way to making it memorable. There are various party shops in Singapore that offer customised gifts for birthday occasions. A customised mug or water bottle with your friend’s name on it is both personal and practical.


Hopefully, our tips can help you choose the ideal gift for your friend should you be selected as the next designated buyer. Just remember that gift-giving is meant to be an act of kindness and not an obligation, so don’t stress over the specifics.

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