4 Considerations To Make When Deciding On A Party Theme

4 Considerations To Make When Deciding On A Party Theme

When you are planning a party or an event, there are multiple things that you need to consider during the planning phase, and that includes the party theme. However, deciding on the ideal theme is easier said than done. After all, it may make or break your entire celebration.

If you are racking your brain trying to come up with the perfect theme – one that your guests will talk about for months – fret not! Let us share some of the considerations you need to make to select the ideal party theme.

1. The cause for celebration

If you are planning a celebration, you likely have an occasion to commemorate. It may be a family member’s birthday celebration, your wedding anniversary, or the holidays. Regardless of the occasion, you would want to ensure your selected theme is appropriate and accurately reflects the cause for celebration.

For example, a high-end corporate event celebrating the company’s anniversary may have an emphasis on luxury. Guests will be expected to dress to the nines, and champagne may be served during the event. Conversely, an intimate get-together with your friends may be focused on casual social interactions and delivering a fun experience.

2. Colour schemes

If you are planning a celebration centred around the holidays – think Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day – there are several established colour schemes you can adopt for your party. However, several holidays do not have a fixed colour scheme associated with them, which is great because that means you are afforded greater creative liberties.

Alternatively, if the party is meant to commemorate someone’s birthday, you should consider tailoring the theme and celebration according to their preferences. While a specific colour may be aesthetically pleasing, it is all for nought if the celebrant does not like it.

3. Your budget

You don’t have to break the bank to host a party, but your budget plays a significant role in deciding the theme and decorations you can go with. While it is tempting to go big on the party theme, there are other factors, such as the refreshments, that you have to take into consideration.

Therefore, you should select a theme and decoration that won’t take up a significant chunk of your budget, or you won’t have sufficient funds for the other essential items on your party’s checklist. It is also worth noting that the best party themes aren’t always the most lavish ones – it all comes down to how creative and resourceful you are.

4. Your party décor supplier

The perfect party theme requires matching décor to elevate the aesthetics of the event. Therefore, you need to ensure the party shop you are patronising can provide you with the themed balloons and accessories you need to supplement your party theme. It is advisable to read up on the reviews of the local party décor suppliers in your area and go with the one that provides quality supplies at the best prices.


Planning an exciting party need not be a stressful affair. All you need is a little creativity and some careful planning. And when it comes to choosing the theme for your party, keep the considerations we have shared in mind, and you are guaranteed to select a fantastic theme that will generate excitement and make your event even more festive!