4 Creative Yet Non-Conventional Uses For Balloons

4 Creative Yet Non-Conventional Uses For Balloons

Everybody knows what balloons are and what they are used for – they are a party accessory that can elevate the vibe and aesthetic of any celebration or social gathering. However, they can also be used in a myriad of non-conventional ways that you might not be aware of.

If you are planning a party and are looking to utilise the spare balloons you have lying around, let us share four creative and fun ways you can go about putting these balloons to use.

1. Balloon-shaped ice cubes

Be it fruit juices for the kids or cocktails for adults; you are sure to find beverages available at a party to quench the thirst of the guests. If you are planning to serve cold drinks, you are going to need ice. However, instead of using regular ice cubes, why not spice things up with balloon-shaped ice cubes.

You can take the clean, uninflated balloons and fill them with a small amount of water – just enough to form an ice cube once the water is frozen solid. Then, store them in the freezer for a couple of hours. Instead of having plain ice cubes to chill your guests’ drinks, you now have unique balloon-shaped ice cubes to match your party decorations.

2. DIY lampshades

You can utilise the spare balloons you have lying around to make a DIY lampshade. This DIY craft is easy and affordable to make, and it will make for a fantastic party or home décor.

Here are the materials you are going to need for your DIY lampshade:

  1. Hemp strings
  2. Craft glue
  3. Permanent marker
  4. Light fixture and hardware

Once you have the materials gathered, you are ready to begin your DIY crafting session. Let us share the step-by-step guide to making your very own DIY lampshade:

  1. Draw a circle at the top and bottom of the inflated balloon with a permanent marker to indicate the area that should be free of strings. These empty spaces are reserved for you to assemble the light fixture.
  2. Squeeze the craft glue onto your fingers and apply it onto the hemp strings before wrapping the strings around the inflated balloon.
  3. Remember to glue and wrap and repeat the process until the roll of hemp string is used up. Avoid crisscrossing the patterns and try to wrap them in a random manner instead. It is ideal for the DIY lampshade to be densely wrapped as it will be more durable.
  4. If any of the areas appear fragile, apply extra glue to strengthen the weaker areas.
  5. Once the glue is dried, use a needle to pop the inflated balloon.
  6. Lastly, feed the light fitting through the circular hole of the DIY lampshade and through to the top so that the light bulb can hang down in the centre of the lampshade.

3. Party games

What is a party without some fun games that everyone can participate in? Not only do balloons serve an aesthetic purpose, but they can also help facilitate activities that every guest can participate in. Some brilliant balloon-related games you can incorporate into your party include:

  • Balloon basketball – same rule as a traditional basketball game, but the density of the balloons adds an extra challenge to the activity.
  • Pop the balloons – attendees compete to see who can pop the most balloon in the given timeframe.
  • Water balloon fight – players hurl water balloons at one another in an attempt to oust their opponents.

4. Chair markers

If you are hosting a kid’s birthday party, your child and their guests will be delighted when you attach a helium balloon to their assigned chairs for easy identification of where they should sit. Apart from elevating the aesthetics and vibe of the party, the balloons can also help usher your little guests to their respective seating arrangements without causing any confusion.


Balloons are versatile, allowing you to do a great many things with them, making them the ultimate accessory for any party. If you are planning an upcoming celebration, head on over to your local party shop to stock up on the decorations and accessories you need for your party!

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