Latex vs. Foil Balloons: What Are Their Differences?

Latex vs. Foil Balloons: What Are Their Differences?

Balloons have a wide range of usage. Often, they are used for decorative and entertainment purposes, but they can also be utilised for practical reasons, such as for scientific experiments and medical treatments. In essence, balloons serve a variety of applications.

Aside from usage, balloons also vary according to their materials, with different balloon materials suited for different purposes. Among the most common and popular types of balloons are latex and foil balloons, which are often used to spruce up a party.

For many party planners, a common conundrum they face is deciding between the materials that best suit their celebration. And given the sheer variety available on the market, we can understand why this is such a difficult choice. However, fret not! Let us share the differences between latex and foil balloons and which type is best suited for your celebration.

What are latex balloons?

Latex is often the go-to material for party balloons, and they are commonly used for decorative and entertainment purposes. In fact, latex is the most common material found in balloon decorations in Singapore.

What are the benefits of using latex balloons?

The main advantage of latex balloons is their affordable pricing. They are typically the cheapest balloons available on the market, making them a budget-friendly option for many Singaporeans looking to host a low-key party. They are also a popular choice among event planners looking to keep the cost of their event down. In fact, many people opt to buy latex balloons in bulk from their local party store for big parties and corporate events.

In addition to their affordable prices, latex balloons are versatile and adaptable. You can fill them with different elements, such as helium, air, and even water, if you are planning a water balloon game. Furthermore, latex is bio-degradable, making latex balloons the more environmentally-friendly option as compared to foil balloons. 

What are foil balloons?

Foil balloons are typically made of nylon, which is then covered with a layer of aluminium. They are then coated with a special mixture to give the balloons their shiny and foil-like appearances. While foil balloons are not as commonly featured in events and celebrations as latex balloons, they still remain a population option for those looking to host a kid’s birthday party due to their shiny and reflective surface.

However, as foil balloons are made from a non-stretchy material, they are generally less versatile compared to latex balloons. As such, it is not ideal to fill up foil balloons with water. Helium and air are usually the only elements you can use to inflate this balloon type.

What are the benefits of using foil balloons?

Since foil balloons are made of more durable material, they are more reliable than latex balloons. A helium-infused latex balloon may last for only 8 to 10 hours, whereas foil balloons can remain afloat for 3 to 5 days given the right environment. This is because foil balloons are less porous, and therefore, the gas within them is less likely to escape.

Foil balloons are an excellent choice for those looking to set up a photo booth for their event or party because of their mirror-like quality. These balloons are often more vibrant and striking, allowing you and your guests to create intricate and memorable pictures to commemorate the occasion. 


No matter your preference, there is no denying that latex and foil balloons are excellent party decorations to spruce up your celebration. Choosing which balloon options to go with comes down to a matter of preference and budget. Now that you have a better understanding of the differences between the two types of balloons, you will have a better idea of which balloons you need for your party.

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