4 Essential Items That Every Child’s Party Must Have

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Birthday parties are important for children, and they are something that every kid looks forward to every year. These parties give them a chance to socialise with their friends and engage in various activities they all enjoy. Therefore, it is understandable for parents to want to throw a memorable birthday party to satisfy their kids.

However, every child has different expectations for what they want at a birthday party. Some children are content with a simple celebration with their family and friends, while others expect something extravagant. This is why preparedness is key when planning a birthday celebration. However, given the hectic schedule Singaporeans lead and the various items you need for a party, it is easy to miss out on a component during the planning phase. As such, allow us to share four essentials items you need to include in your child’s birthday party, so you don’t miss them out when you are out shopping.

1. Cake

A birthday party isn’t complete without a cake. Blowing the candle and making a wish before tucking into the cake is practically a birthday tradition. This demonstrates just how essential cakes are to this occasion. Therefore, for your child’s birthday celebration, don’t forget to order a tasty cake. You can even score bonus points with your kid by personalising the cake with their favourite characters.

In addition, do not forget to top the cake off with a cake topper. There are party shops in Singapore that offer customised cake toppers so you can personalise a birthday message to your child.

2. Balloons

Aside from a cake, balloons are the quintessential items to get for a birthday party. A celebration does not feel complete without colourful balloons adorning the party venue. These birthday balloon decorations are primarily responsible for creating a vibrant atmosphere at a party.

Moreover, balloons are highly versatile, and there are various activities you can do with them. Helium balloons, in particular, can be used to play multiple party games, such as balloon tennis, balloon waddle races, and surprise pop. After all, what is a party without some fun activities for participants to engage with?

3. Piñata

A piñata is a decorated container, often made of paper-mâché or pottery, filled with candies. Breaking a piñata is considered a staple of Mexican culture, and we often see this happen during a fiesta. However, many people have since adopted it as an exciting activity for kids to participate in during a birthday party.

If you want to surprise your child and make the party memorable, then having a piñata is an excellent choice. Moreover, kids love candies, so your child will be delighted when he breaks one and is greeted with a variety of sweets. You can even get creative and stuff the piñata with other objects your kid loves. After all, no rule says you can only use candies in a piñata.

4. Party hats

 When you attend a wedding, there may be a dress code you have to adhere to. Similarly, when your guests attend your birthday party, you want them to be dressed for the occasion. Of course, we don’t necessarily mean everyone has to dress to the nines, but having the appropriate dress code will undoubtedly help liven up the party.

This is why it is vital for you to consider giving out party hats to your guests. They can instantly brighten up the celebration by setting an appropriately festive mood. With their pointed and colourful designs, they can make any party exciting and joyful. So, when it comes to a kid’s birthday party, this accessory is practically indispensable. Therefore, do remember to include this item in your birthday planning checklist.


Planning a child’s birthday party is not as simple as it looks. A ton of preparations go into making the occasion memorable. Therefore, it is vital to give yourself sufficient lead time to plan the event. Additionally, don’t forget to include these essential items in your shopping list once you have everything planned out.

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