4 Fun Balloon Games To Try In Your Kid’s Next Birthday Party

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No kid’s birthday party is ever complete without a bunch of vibrant and pretty balloons that infuse the atmosphere with the perfect setting for play. Helium balloons are undoubtedly pretty cheap, and as such, you can buy a whole lot without spending a fortune on them.

But even if that’s the case, you’d naturally want to make the most of them to get your money’s worth. The good news is that besides serving as colourful decor, balloons can provide a lot more in the way of entertainment for your kids and their friends. To know how you can use them for their party games, read on below.

Keep it moving

To start, this game is rather simple, thanks to it only having one goal: keep the balloon afloat and never let it touch the ground. Ensure that the play area has adequate space for all the little (or a few big) participants and is also free of any objects that may easily break or cause accidents. Throw in some fun and lively party music to complete the entire activity!

Surprise pop

Unlike the first game, this one requires a bit more preparation. First, you’ll need to get some candies, toys, and other similar treats as well as some balloons. Next, fill each balloon with an assortment of those prizes and inflate them to the right size. Once ready, you can choose to either place them all in one place or scatter them about the party area and let the kids pop and retrieve their prizes. This game is excellent for both young and older kids, as long as they are not afraid of the sudden and loud pop, pop, popping!

Balloon & spoon race

Similar to the traditional egg and spoon race, this game is great in an outdoor setting played by two or more kids. But in this game, large wooden spoons and weighted balloons (you can fill them partially with water or flour) are used instead of eggs and regular spoons. The objective remains the same, in that players must race towards the finish line while balancing their balloons on the spoons. If ever they drop it or it bursts, they must go back and try once again.

Protect your balloon

This party game is best suited for larger groups, such as 5 participants or more. To set things up, first, give each child a balloon and a metre-long string. Have them inflate their balloons, tie them with string to their ankles, and they’re ready to go. Winning this game is simple, and all they need to do is be the last man standing with an unpopped balloon while trying to pop everyone else’s.


When it comes to children’s parties, balloons offer the best bang for your buck by serving both decor and entertainment purposes. If your kid’s birthday is coming soon, head on over to a nearby party shop in Singapore and start planning some games, like the ones above, for their next birthday blast!