How To Beautifully Incorporate Balloons Into Your Wedding

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To children, balloons are a sign for a party. From birthdays to school dances, they are a symbol of fun and celebration! But who says balloons are only for children? In fact, balloons are popping up everywhere in the realm of adult’s events such as engagement shoots and wedding ceremonies.

Till this day, balloons continue to be one of the top wedding trends to add colour and style to a wedding. Not only are balloons fun and come in a wide variety of colours and designs, but they can also make a huge statement without breaking the bank. They are taking the world of weddings by storm and there have been so many new stylish ways you can incorporate them into a wedding. Here are 4 ways to beautifully incorporate balloons into your wedding!

For the photos

Take your wedding photos to the next level by posing with a huge cluster of beautiful balloons. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. You can customise the colour and size of your balloons to suit your wedding theme and décor. A bunch of gorgeous balloons, or even just one, can make a beautiful prop to be used in wedding pictures. For example, you could try action shots, such as running along the beach with a bunch in hand, or something a little softer, such as a vivid focal point of a reference in a photo that is both romantic and timeless.

Memorable exit

Besides your grand entrance, you should make your exit just as impactful. Now would be the perfect time to put those jumbo-sized balloons to use. You could add the balloons to the back of a vintage car for a chic getaway. Another way you could go out with a bang is to attach a train of balloons in a variety of sizes and colours to the back of a sporty car. This is the perfect way to establish your newlywed status with a perfect picture you’ll remember forever. 

Decorate the entrance

Let your guests know they have come to the right place by opting for a huge balloon display at the entrance to the ceremony. You can pair it with a welcome sign that will surely make an impression of the guests and pump them up to party. For example, a balloon arch interspersed with flowers or ribbons to complement your colour theme will create an eye-catching frame around the entrance and make for extra unique photographic opportunities.

Table centrepiece

Forget about floral centrepieces, use balloons instead! They bring artistic appeal, and the height of the balloons draws the eye upwards, so you can make the most of the high ceiling receptions spaces. Remember to choose good-quality wedding balloon décor to ensure they last throughout the wedding!


Planning for a wedding can sometimes get overwhelming, but it’s not every day you get to have a wedding. Remember to enjoy the process and plan the wedding of your dreams. Not to fret, you can get high-quality balloons from party shops in Singapore and seek their professional help if you have any enquiries about your wedding décor.