4 Reasons Why Balloons Belong To A Wedding Anniversary Party

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Think balloons. The first occasion that has probably crossed your mind is a birthday celebration. During birthdays, it is common to search for the perfect balloon to match the occasion. Balloons are a great birthday addition, either as part of photobooth backdrops or to emphasise the individual’s age with number foil balloons.

Birthdays only come once a year and should be celebrated. But what about wedding anniversaries? Similarly, they come annually and yet are often overlooked. Wedding anniversaries are one of many milestones for both the married couple and the family. That is why we encourage families to commemorate these equally special days, and you can easily celebrate with decorative balloons. Apart from being affordable and mobile, here are 4 ways that show why balloons for wedding anniversaries are a sure hit.

1. Easy set to up

Assuming that at least one partner is still working, he or she might be tied down at work. That leaves you little time to spend on planning the party. If you are planning the party for a friend, likewise, you might have your own work or family commitments.

And this is where choosing the right wedding balloon décor would come in useful. The bulk of the party set-up would be choosing the most suitable balloons. On the day itself, you would only be left with a straightforward decision – where to place the balloons.

2. Children-friendly

Guests to wedding anniversaries might also include children. They could be children of your own, or you might have friends who have brought over their children. Children, especially the younger ones, are easily distracted. Fortunately, balloons are the perfect distraction to keep children busy. You won’t have to worry about your child calling for attention as you are occupied with your friends or even cutting the anniversary cake!

3. Make the atmosphere

Without much explanation, you would agree that balloons brighten up a room. With their visible presence in the air and bright colours, balloons are enticing to the eyes.

Not only that, balloons have been proven to excite children and there are a huge variety of balloons to choose from. You might purchase a few Disney balloons for the young ones and more mature designs for the parents.

4. Double up as a bouquet

Balloons can also be considered a whimsy gift! This year, rather than a bouquet of flowers, why not gift your loved one with a lovely bouquet of balloons.

Besides being a creative bouquet, the balloons can be repurposed, unlike flowers that wilt quickly. After the balloons have deflated, you can straighten them and stick them on your wall as another form of decoration.


Wedding anniversaries are milestones that deserve just as much attention as birthdays. If you are purchasing balloons for your or your friend’s anniversary, take a look at our specially crafted anniversary balloons! Not able to find a design you like? Enquire with us to customise your own! As the #1 preferred party shop in Singapore for customised balloons, we provide high-quality helium balloons to suit any theme.