3 Reasons Why You Need To Start Personalising Your Gifts

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Gift-giving has become a commonplace tradition, no matter the occasion. But just because it’s now an ordinary thing, it doesn’t mean the gifts you give should be typical as well.

No matter how old one gets, receiving a gift always makes people feel special and appreciated. From the moment they receive it up until they open the present, the thrill, excitement, and happiness they’ll feel are extraordinary. But if your gift isn’t aligned with their interests or something they need, then all their elation goes out of the window, getting you a dull response of gratitude afterwards.

With the abundance of party shops in Singapore, customising a gift has never been easier. But if you’re still not convinced of why you should be putting in the extra effort, here are additional reasons to convince you why you need to start personalising your gifts.

An effective medium to communicate your feelings

Be it as a way to greet your loved ones, congratulate their success, or express your unsaid feelings, gift-giving is just as effective as a communication medium as any other. By putting the time and effort in choosing the right gift and customising its accompanying packaging, the fruits of your labour will be reflected in the recipient’s reaction once they realise just how special your gift is.

With a personalised gift, you express just how much your loved ones matter to you. From the planning down to the hint of details showing just how well you know them, you convey the fact that that they’re worth every effort, an achievement that an off-the-shelf gift can never pull off.

Fits every occasion

With a traditional gift, one must keep in mind the occasion’s theme, cause for celebration, and more factors that affect the appropriateness of the present. The great thing is, personalised gifts can be customised to fit any occasion!

With one goal in mind, which is to make the recipient feel important and special, the giver can focus on what will bring the most joy to the recipient and worry less about the restrictions that usually accompanies regular gifts. On top of that, the impact of receiving a custom gift stays the same as it would have on any other occasion.

Timeless, unique, and memorable

By giving a personalised gift, you can be sure that the item you’re giving is one of a kind and unique just for the recipient. When they open the present, their excitement from the anticipation does not fall flat but skyrockets instead. The joy they feel increases more when they see the effort you’ve put in through your personal touch of details. And as time passes, your gift reminds them of how much thought and effort you’ve exerted just for their sake.


Even just a short amount of time and effort into your gifts can go a long way in the hearts and minds of your loved ones. If you’d like some ideas, check out BoBoChaCha’s great selection of customised birthday gifts in Singapore! Pair your personalised gift with a customised gift box or even add a few decorative balloons into the mix for that extra touch. With all your love and care bundled in a surprise package, you’re sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s faces!

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