5 Helium Balloon Facts That Might Tickle Your Fancy

5 Helium Balloon Facts That Might Tickle Your Fancy

Balloons are probably the most popular plaything not only among children of all ages but also beyond those age groups. Appreciated and liked by many, they are also preferred party elements and décors for birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions. No matter what colour they may be, the vibrancy that they offer adds an element of joy to the space.

Helium balloons are a popular choice for any events of celebration and occasions. BoBoChaCha Balloons offer affordable helium balloons that come in varying colours, sizes, and shapes. While they were most commonly used to entertain children in the past, they now are increasingly able to be found in commercial events settings, as many company events have found customised balloons beneficial. However, while we are all familiar with helium balloons, there is more to them than just floating circular-shaped décors. Here are five interesting helium balloon facts that might tickle your fancy.

Fact #1: It would take about 6,000 balloons to lift an average man of 75kg up in the air

A regular 30cm helium balloon can carry the weight of one compact disc, which is approximately 14g. That would mean one might need approximately 5,357 helium balloons to lift an average man of 75kg. We rounded the figure up to 6,000 balloons to properly lift a person off the ground. We, of course, would not recommend you to try it, though!

Fact #2: When placed in a car, the helium balloon will move to the front when the car accelerates

We all know the law of inertia. When the car accelerates forward, our lower body that is in contact with the car seat moves forward with the car, but our upper body is not able to keep up with our lower body, and that creates the apparent back push. However, when a helium balloon comes into play, it accelerates forward with the car. This is because the air density at the back of the car is higher than at the front. Hence, this resulted in the forward push.

Fact #3: Air is approximately seven times heavier than helium

Helium balloon floats because the gas is lighter than air, resulting in buoyancy.

Fact #4: Helium makes your voice go higher

Helium makes your voice go higher because the gas is less dense as compared to air. This results in the sound produced by our vocal cords travelling twice as fast across the vocal cords as it does in regular air, creating the duck-like sound.

Fact #5: Helium leaks from balloons

The molecules of helium gas are very tiny, and hence they are able to leak through the skin of the balloon. So, while they are able to float well, the balloon’s buoyancy deteriorates over time. Fortunately, most inner section of balloons is coated with HI-FLOAT, which significantly reduces air or helium loss.


Helium balloons are wonderful additions to any event space. They are a timeless piece of décor that will remain necessary for a long time. Should you be looking for quality balloons in Singapore, then look no further than BoBoChaCha Balloons. We are your one-stop party shop in Singapore that provides not only some of the best quality balloons but also party décors and elements that will spice up your event space. Head to our website at https://www.bobochachaballoon.com/ to know about our range of party essentials today!