5 Unique Ways To Use Crepe Paper Streamers For Decorations

5 Unique Ways To Use Crepe Paper Streamers For Decorations

Crepe paper streamers are probably among the most ordinary and cheapest party décor you can find at any party store in Singapore. However, when used correctly, they are able to turn the vibe of the party around easily. We have rounded up some of the most unique and exciting ways to use crepe paper streamers for your party décor.

1. Filling large spaces using crepe paper streamers

If you are looking to fill up a large space, such as a marquee or a hall effortlessly, crepe paper streamers are an ideal way to add colours by hanging them across the surface of the ceiling. Instead of hanging them flat against the surface, you might want to introduce depth and layer by draping them a little and forming loops to create a coloured rainbow. This will definitely add optimal impact as your guests arrive.

2. Crepe paper streamers as the venue’s centrepiece

Another unique way besides hanging crepe paper streamers across the ceiling is to hang them around the venue’s centrepiece. You may tie a bunch of air-filled balloons together and stick them to the centre of the venue’s ceiling or attach helium balloons together and let them float to the centre of the room. This creates a focal point or a centrepiece. Then from the balloon centrepiece, drape across the entire surface coloured crepe paper streamers like an explosion. This is an instant way to turn your balloon decorations from ordinary to extraordinary.

3. Decorating a buffet table with crepe paper streamers

This is such a simple and plain decoration element that adds another dimension to the table. All you need to do I stretch the crepe paper streamers across the centre of the buffet table to introduce a pop of shades and colours. You could also cover the entire top of the table should you desire so. Simply use double-sided tapes or glue dots to hold the streamers in place.

4. Create an Instagram-worthy backdrop

Photobooths or Instagram are elements of a party not to be overlooked. You would want your party venue to look nice on your guests’ social media. Hence, one way to do so is to create picture-perfect backdrops using crepe paper streamers. Fixed onto the entire height of the wall streamers using double-sided tapes or glue dots. You may even add some additional décors such as balloons and lights with the streamers.

5. Craft pretty confetti

Using crepe paper streamers, you may cut them into whatever shapes you desire. You may even place them in helium balloons, have them float up towards the ceiling, and pop them towards the end of the party or as a game to have the confetti fall down to the floor. It will certainly create a beautiful scene for photos.


Hopefully, these have given you some inspiration on the flexibility of crepe paper streamers. They might seem ordinary, but ordinary can still be used to create unique décors that can elevate the vibe of the party. If you are looking for an extensive collection of crepe paper streamers or any party supplies in Singapore, then look no further than BoBoChaCha Balloons. We are a one-stop party shop that offers a wide range of balloons as well as décors. For more information, you may contact us at +65 9017 1105.