5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Theme At Your Next Party

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Having a theme for parties has become a growing trend. There are popular children party themes like Disney Princesses or Pirates, but with a little thought and creativity, you can also plan sophisticated themes like 80s fashion or murder mysteries. The sky’s the limit!

A theme can reflect the purpose of the party or act as an embodiment of the host! Any partygoer will appreciate the well-planned party. Whether it is a simple birthday party or a grand gender reveal, a themed party will be sure to impress your guests! Here are 5 reasons why you should choose a theme for your party!

Planning becomes easier

Having a theme makes it easier to plan for a party. It helps you focus and not get distracted when choosing decorations, foods and drinks, and invitations. Many party shops in Singapore offer a vast range of beautiful decorations and party accessories. Having a theme will make shopping more manageable!

For example, if you are planning a 70s disco party, you would want to have a disco ball hanging in the middle of the room and have brightly-coloured mocktails. You would also choose an old-school cheesy playlist, and maybe get some roller-skates! There are plenty more decorations you can choose to go along with the theme.

Sets the mood of the party

Parties are only successful with the lively participation of the guests. A themed party will definitely get the ball rolling! It motivates your guests to participate in activities and start conversations among themselves. A theme has a unique feel associated with it, and it is sustained throughout the party. Choosing the right venue, decorations, menu, and games will propel the mood of your guests at the party automatically!

Stand out from other parties

Many times people show up at a party because they have to, not because they want to. Regular parties have become a routine, and you might see people excusing themselves rather early. In contrast, themed parties are new and trendy; this makes them exciting as every themed party is always full of different surprises. Your guests will be more excited to invest their time and creativity in planning their outfits in advance! It gives them a chance to experience and express something different.

Themes make the party memorable

People generally remember parties that are exciting, fun and different. The more special decorations, entertainments and programs you have, the more memorable it will be!

For example, having props or photo booths will encourage your guests to take fun pictures and even generate a lot of buzz! People might be talking about your party for days!

Reflects on your creativity

Planning a themed party requires creativity and thinking outside of the box. The process of planning can be fun too! You get to explore and let your imagination take over. Being the host has its perks, you can plan a party that you’ve always dreamed off – exactly how you like it! But of course, don’t forget to consider what the majority of your guests prefers. If you pull off a great party, people will have a great lasting impression!


Themed parties will never go wrong! It brings people together and creates a lovely environment for everybody to be whatever they want. Themes add fun to any party. Don’t be scared to add one to your next one! Get your party needs from BoBoChaCha, as we have a wide variety of high-quality balloon decorations that you can use for almost any theme or style of party!