5 Steps On How To Plan A Successful Surprise Party

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Throwing a surprise party can be exciting for both the planner and the receiver. Whether it is a birthday party, proposal, or a party to congratulate someone on their new job, surprises are one of the most meaningful and thoughtful ways to honour a milestone. When planning a surprise party, there are many things to take into consideration. These 5 steps will make throwing a surprise party easy!

Step 1: Pick a theme

Choose a theme that your guest-of-honour will appreciate. It could be based on their favourite movies, characters, places or as simple as colours! You should know your guest-of-honour better than anyone, so this is where your skills will come in. Everybody loves walking into a party with a festive and decorated atmosphere. A theme allows people to have an idea of what to wear and what to bring.

Step 2: Pick the venue

It is ideal to pick an easily accessible location. There are loads of options, for example, a private room at a restaurant, a friends’ living room or an outdoor garden! Be sure that all guests have directions in advance to prevent them from getting lost or being late.

Step 3: Send out the invites

Making a guest list for a surprise party could be quite tricky. You will need to choose the people whom your guest-of-honour would most likely want to see at the party. If you need some help, you could try asking other friends or family members.

You can send digital invites or do it the old school way by using real paper invites. If you are going to make a group chat, ensure your guest-of-honour does not accidentally peep at your phone and ruin the surprise!

Remember to make it clear that it is a surprise party, so that no one lets the cat out of the bag!

Step 4: Pre-party set-up

Decorations, food and beverages, activities – they’re all part of setting up a party. Be sure to get all the party supplies ahead of time so you don’t miss out anything! Remember the theme you chose? Now it’s time to find decorations to match it. You can get your decorations from party shops in Singapore. Remember to make it as festive as possible.

For the food and beverages, remember to check with all guests if they have any special requirements and also consider your guest-of-honour’s favourite cuisine! You can decide if you want to cater food, whip up some homemade snacks, or do it pot-luck style, not forgetting drinks of course!

The type of entertainment and activities depends on your theme and budget. With a larger budget, you could hire a DJ or band. Kids might enjoy a magician or clown!

Step 5: The surprise

After putting in so much effort to plan this party, make it count by planning this crucial moment perfectly. All guests should arrive 30-45mins before the guest-of-honour is expected to show. Timing is everything.

One of the best ways to ensure that the guest-of-honour’s arrival goes smoothly is to have a friend help you. Double-check your timeline with those who are arriving with the guest-of-honour and make sure everything is in place. When the long-awaited moment arrives, don’t forget to shout – Surprise!


Planning a surprise party might require a lot of hard work and detailed planning, but the look on your guest-of-honour’s face will make it all worth it. Remember not to stress too much over the planning and have fun. Recruit some friends for help!

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