7 Things To Consider When Getting Your Balloons Delivered

7 Things To Consider When Getting Your Balloons Delivered

Chances are that if you have been to an event or a party of any sort, balloons are involved in the decoration of the space. Balloons are a necessary part of any party or event. Not only are they great branding opportunities should you use customised balloons, but they are such fun elements as they can both elevate the atmosphere as well as beautify the space.

Hence, the next time you are planning for your next event, you might want to consider going all out in terms of balloon décors. Instead of just getting balloons for the sake of filling up the space, why not hire an established party shop in Singapore, such as BoBoChaCha Balloons, to help provide quality balloons as well as round-the-clock balloon delivery to anywhere in Singapore. In this article, we will be sharing the seven things to consider when ordering a balloon delivery.

1. Reasons to get balloons delivered

Balloons are straightforward products that can easily make a significant impact due to their versatility. There are several reasons why people get their balloons delivered:

  • Party Décor: Balloons offer decorative options that can be used to increase visual interest in events and parties. Both children and adults alike will appreciate beautiful balloon decorations, and the design options are only limited by your imagination.
  • Gifts: Balloon deliveries are a pleasant and well-appreciated gift. To make it more unique, you might even want to combine balloons with flowers or even a specially curated snack box filled with your partner’s favourite food and snacks.
  • Advertising: Customised branded balloons are a subtle yet effective way of marketing one’s brand. Many huge corporate events often use such methods to increase brand awareness.

2. Types of balloons

There are different variations of balloons in the market. However, the primary type of balloons you can find in the market are latex and foil. Knowing the kind of balloon and its characteristics will help you in making better decisions in your planning process.

  • Latex balloons are typically the party’s general option. Consisting of rubber, polychloroprene, nylon fabric, or latex, these balloons are designed to be elastic and can expand up to five times their normal size with air. Not to be confused with helium latex balloons, helium latex balloons are specifically designed to last longer than regular latex balloons. The material differs slightly so as to be able to retain helium better. A standard latex balloon can stay inflated with helium for approximately eight to ten hours. However, a helium latex balloon can last longer for up to four days.
  • Foil balloons last longer than both regular and helium latex balloons. They are less prone to bursting and can stay inflated for up to two weeks. However, they are less elastic, resulting in them being more susceptible to heat damage when exposed to high temperatures.

3. Design options

Balloon décors are limitless and are limited to only your imagination. You can arrange them in arches, columns, backdrops, etc. Every design option offers a different vibe and feel to the space and offers many excellent opportunities for guests to take photos. If getting as gifts, there are design options such as bouquets or wreaths. Choosing the right colour is crucial too.

4. Method of inflation

Helium is often the most preferred way of inflating balloons. It all depends on your preference for visual display. You can blow them up yourself and fill them with air, but the balloons will not float. On the other hand, some balloon delivery companies do offer helium balloons. Before getting your balloons delivered, it is vital to ensure that the balloon company offers inflation services.

5. Setups

Before selecting a balloon delivery company, always do the necessary research on the company’s process of setting up. Some companies will, upon arrival, set up the balloon structure for you. Some will deliver the kit to you with instructions on how to set up the balloon décor.

6. Balloon services’ costs

The cost of getting the balloons delivered depends on the scale of balloon décor, the type of balloons employed, and any additional services required.

7. Proper disposal of balloons

Remember always to deflate and dispose of them the right way at the end of your event or party. Latex balloons are biodegradable and can be cleared in the general trash. Foil balloons, on the other hand, are not since they are created out of synthetic materials. Hence, clearing them in the recycling bin is the way to go.


Knowing these seven considerations is ideal in helping you plan your balloon decorations and delivery well. Not only will it help you save time, but it also will help you save unnecessary expenses. Order your balloons today at our online party store if you want to impress your guests or surprise your loved ones with customisable balloon gifts. At BoBoChaCha Balloons, we want to help you celebrate every critical moment of your life seamlessly and beautifully.