Best Wedding Themes That You Can Choose For Your Big Day

Best Wedding Themes That You Can Choose For Your Big Day

Wedding planning is complex, with many elements like the colour scheme and venue selection weighing on your mind. One way to simplify the process is to choose a theme to work around. This will give your plans some direction, allowing you to effectively and efficiently create the perfect wedding.

If you’re wondering what wedding themes you can use, here are some you can consider for your big day.


Elegant and beautiful; a classic wedding theme focuses on bringing together elements and styles that will stand the test of time instead of simply using what is trending.

Creating a visual moodboard would be helpful to convey your vision to everyone working on the wedding. A classic-themed moodboard would typically consist of clean and simple lines as well as white florals and decor, which will then inform the lighting, attire, and wedding invitations.


For those feeling nostalgic for the old days, going vintage is something you can consider. Pay homage to the days gone by, whether that is the 1850s or the 1970s, with retro-inspired outfits, hairstyles and decoration choices.

Unlike the classic theme, going vintage does not require for mostly white decor and outfits. Instead, soft and muted colours are more suitable. It would also help if you consider picking a venue that reflects a rich history, such as old mansions, courthouses, or other estates with classic architecture to complete the vintage aesthetic.

To ensure that all guests follow the theme, incorporate vintage elements in the wedding invitation and state the dress code clearly.


If you want something more quaint and laid-back, consider having a bohemian-themed wedding. Pick out flowy, carefree attires and focus on incorporating natural details like flowers and linen, with earthy colours at the forefront. Some decorative items that further add to the theme include dreamcatchers, wooden canopies, and fairy lights.


You may want to go grand with a glamorous wedding theme for your special day. Create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere with crystal chandeliers and velvet decor, and add to the “wow factor” with a metallic colour palette that exudes luxury.


If you are having difficulty picking a specific theme, consider basing it on your venue. For example, a wedding taking place in a vineyard could have elements reflecting the natural landscape, with a focus on natural wood textures and greeneries. Meanwhile, a beach wedding would be more casual and likely wouldn’t require formal attire from guests.


Another simple way to come up with a wedding theme is to base it on a specific colour. If you are unsure what colour palette to choose, you can never go wrong with the classic combinations of white and blue or white and black.


Planning for a wedding is never easy, but choosing a theme to work around can simplify that process. With a set theme, there will be a clear direction when creating your wedding invitations and choosing the decor.

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