Top Creative Mother’s Day Ideas To Celebrate With Your Mum

Top Creative Mother’s Day Ideas To Celebrate With Your Mum

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and that typically means flowers, chocolates, and breakfast in bed. But what about changing things up this year? Make this Mother’s Day extra special with some of our creative celebration ideas—because for the most important woman in your life, nothing but the best will do.

Brunch for mum

The typical Mother’s Day breakfast is good, but sleeping in just feels better. For all the times she made you breakfast and packed you lunch, let your mum get her rest while you prepare a delicious brunch full of her favourite dishes and drinks. Alternatively, you can make a reservation at a cafe or restaurant that you think she would enjoy. Either way, she would appreciate the good food and company.

Visit a botanical garden

Rather than simply giving your mum the usual flower bouquet, why not surround her with flowers instead? If your mum is someone who loves nature, wandering around a botanical garden as she enjoys the sunny weather is a good way to enjoy the day.

Have a photoshoot

Surprise your mum with a photoshoot set-up complete with props, make-up and a photographer. This makes for a fun way to capture the loving mum that you know so well. You can also give her the framed photos as a special gift.

Scrapbooking session

If your mum is the kind to value quality time as a language of love, a scrapbooking session is the way to go. Not to mention, it is an activity that helps preserve important memories while involving the whole family.

Remember to prepare all the materials you will need beforehand, from stickers to glue and glitter. Most importantly, get everyone to bring in their photo albums for a wide range of pictures to use.

At the end of the day, you can give the complete scrapbook to your mum as a unique Mother’s Day gift.

Alone time

Though your mum would probably appreciate spending time with the family, Mother’s Day is also a good time to let her have some alone time where she does not have to take care of the family. Get your mum to indulge and spoil herself, whether it be with a spa day or just some time alone at home. After all, all mums deserve a little pampering.

Host a mum-themed party

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a party designed around all her favourites, from a playlist full of her favourite songs to decorations in her preferred colours.

Simply head down to any party shop in Singapore and get the necessary decorations, such as streamers and helium balloons, to brighten up the room. And don’t worry about the aesthetics: there are many different ways you can use simple materials like balloons to decorate the event!


Mother’s Day is an opportunity for you to honour and thank the most important woman in your life, so keep these ideas in mind as you plan for the perfect celebration. If you are looking for balloons or other decorative elements, then do not hesitate to visit BoBoChaCha Balloons, Singapore’s leading party store for all things event-related. Head over to today!