How Foil Balloons Can Bring Your Décor To The Next Level

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When asked to think of a balloon, most people would picture the iconic round latex balloons. However, its shiny younger cousin is not to be trifled with either. Foil or mylar balloons were developed in the 1970s, and immediately became a hit among party planners.

As they are made of a kind of metallised film, the balloons are resilient and last for a much longer time. High-quality foil balloons can even stay inflated for weeks on end! And of course, they are lightweight, so storing them and putting them on display is no problem.

In addition to its practical benefits, foil balloons are aesthetically rich as well. Have a look at some of the reasons foil balloons make such fantastic balloon decorations.

Shiny exterior

What better way to grab your guests’ attention than with a glistening display? A foil balloon has a distinct metallic shine that covers its entire surface. Even if they are not displayed front and centre, foil balloons and their distinctive twinkle will surely brighten up any space.

To the delight of photo-taking enthusiasts, these balloons also look great in pictures! With the right lighting, the glimmer of foil balloons can really make your celebratory photos pop. Combined with a cohesively designed background, your photos will be the envy of all your friends on Instagram.


You may have also noticed balloons with graphics printed prominently on the front. In all likelihood, those were foil balloons. Balloon shops in Singapore often provide specially designed foil balloons that are catered to the specific occasion.

These ‘themed balloons’ usually have stunning patterns that are made to be eye-catching and work together with the usual colour palette of such events. They’ve even got thoughtful well-wishes printed on the front that can help you express your care for your loved ones.

Diverse shapes

Perhaps the greatest advantage of foil balloons is how easily they can be moulded into specific shapes. We’ve all seen the ever-present foil number-shaped balloons in the background of 21st birthday pictures. Just as popular as those are the letter-shaped balloons, which can be used to spell out names or short messages.

Themed balloons can also come in particularly tailored shapes, ranging from rings for bachelorette parties, to superheroes for children’s birthdays. These balloons can be surprisingly true to life, so they are definitely a worthwhile investment if you want to wow your guests.

But if you’re looking for more ubiquitous shapes, foil balloons can provide as well! Foil balloons come in a variety of basic 3D shapes, like spheres, cubes, hearts, and even stars. There are countless ways to use this diverse array of shapes, so we’ll leave it to you to let your imagination go wild.

Complements other balloons

Of course, no balloon decoration exists in isolation. Foil balloons go swimmingly with any other balloon you can get from a party shop in Singapore. In most cases, they are tied together with latex balloons as beautiful balloon bouquets. Here, the glistening foil balloons contrast brilliantly against the smooth exterior of latex balloons.

This also gives you a lot of freedom in combining the colours and textures. Customise the colours to complement or contrast against one another for the desired effect. Otherwise, you can always get a pre-made balloon bouquet from a professional balloon shop in Singapore.

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