Turn Your Balloon Decoration From Ordinary To Extraordinary

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What does it take to have awesome-looking balloons? The kind that’ll wow your guests, leave a lasting impression, and make a photo-worthy spot at any angles. Well, if you’re looking to turn your balloon decoration from ordinary to extraordinary, then you’re in the right place!

1. Focus on one single point

You shouldn’t overlook how you decide to arrange and where you plan to place your balloons. And the foundation to balloon decoration lies on one, single point of focus. To illustrate, rather than pasting up several large foil balloons around the venue, it’d be better to stick with one point of attraction. From there, complement the main balloons with other balloons. Once that has been decided, you’ll end up with balloons that complement each other rather than fight for your guests’ attention.

2. Choices of colour

For your decoration to pass with flying colours, selecting the right colour scheme is essential. It’ll certainly elevate the overall ambience of your event. Besides, it’ll definitely be more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes! Start with choosing a main colour before selecting other complementary colours to match. By choosing the right mix of colours, you’re immortalising the moment in stunning pictures which you can look back on down the road.

3. High-quality balloons

There are several reasons why balloons pop. It could be due to over-inflating the balloons with too much air. On the other hand, it can also be caused by guests reaching out to touch and interact with the balloon decorations. With balloons, you want them to take the stage – not make a scene! Adding on, having the balloons burst out of a sudden can be pretty disruptive. If there are kids around, then they might end up getting a shock from the loud and sudden sound.

All in all, this is why it’s imperative that you use high-quality balloons. Engaging with the right company with customised helium balloons can also help, such as BoBoChaCha Balloon. Our staff are well-versed in all things balloon! As such, we’d make sure to fill each balloon up to the right capacity so that it’ll last throughout your event.

4. Balloon design

Balloons serve as an extension of the overall theme of the event, as well as your personality. Take your time picking a party theme that fits you, before you move on to planning how you’d want the outcome of your balloons to look like! Here are some common designs you may consider:

  • Balloon garland
  • Balloon arch
  • Balloon wall

5. Get the party going with balloons

As we’re still amid the COVID-19 pandemic, be sure to host your party while complying to safe distancing measures. That way, you can have fun while having peace of mind over the safety of you and your attendees. If you need help in getting your balloon needs sorted out, then we’re always here to help! As a party shop in Singapore, we at BoBoChaCha Balloon are more than capable of translating your ideas into reality. Besides, we carry a plethora of party items, including gift boxes, which make perfect door gifts for your guests!

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