Masquerade Party Decorating Ideas You Can Consider

Masquerade Party Decorating Ideas You Can Consider

Have you ever watched phantom of the opera and been dreaming of hosting such a party filled with flowing silhouettes and mysterious masks, candlelight, and amazing music? Planning a masquerade party not only adds a unique vibe to any celebration but allows guests to have an unforgettable celebration.

What is a masquerade party?

Popular in the 16th century, masquerade parties were themed with versatile masks and costumes to help turn guests into someone else. The whole idea of such parties was the removal of age and gender through the help of each fitting. At some of these parties, conversations were not allowed, so guest’s covers could not be broken.

The masquerade ball represents the dance of life. Once the dance segment was over, the party ended. That was why dancing is such a big thing at masquerade parties. Even in today’s society, such a party have slowly been picking up in trend. So, without further ado, here are some of the best masquerade theme decorations you can utilise for your party planning.

Decorating a masquerade party

Masquerade parties are known to have a mysterious sort of romantic atmosphere. Hence, you might want to keep bright lights to a minimum. Natural candles are the ideal source of dim yet illuminating light. However, if safety is your concern and there are kids at the party, using electric candles offers a similar feel. You might also want to consider getting a couple of pieces of velvet drapery to cover the walls of your party space. Dark colours such as burgundy, dark blue, and dark green are perfect colour choices.

Should you want to go for a more modern kind of masquerade party, instead of using candles and dark-coloured decorations, you might want to consider using fairy lights or any unique LED decorations with butterflies or flower designs. The use of such designs adds a certain ethereal element to a charming celebration. Adding decoration in purple, silver, and gold certainly adds to the look.

All around the room, you can throw in random glittery garlands or tinsels together with the use of confetti balloons. These confetti balloons could be popped at the end of the party or used in a party game that you have planned for your guests.

Do not forget to decorate the tables too! You would not want your guests to be attending a well-decorated party space but be eating at tables that just do not fit in. Try to maximise the use of balloons. You may want to bundle together helium-filled balloons of black, silver, and chrome gold and tie them to the table. Balloon-themed table decorations help to accentuate the look of your party.

At the end of the day, masquerade parties are all about the masks. A masquerade party without the use of masks is not complete.

Masquerade themes you should be aware of

Traditionally, the style of masquerade parties originates from the Venetian style. Primarily, they utilise a lot of feathers, velvet drapery, and glass decorations. However, there have been a variety of sub-themes that have grown over the years.

  • Western masquerade party: The key feature is the use of bright saturated colours such as red, gold, and turquoise.
  • Futuristic masquerade party: Metallic shades and asymmetry are the key components of such a party.
  • Glam masquerade party: Glam masquerade adds glam to the already luxurious masquerade theme. You can achieve so by hanging gold and silver air-filled balloons from the ceiling or attaching helium balloons to fishing lines and letting them float freely from the floor.
  • Mardi Gras masquerade party: This style is the way to go if you want something more multifaceted. With this style, you might want to consider decorating your space with traditional green, gold, and purple colour decoration, while donning masks filled with sequins and beads.


From multifaceted Mardi Gras to traditional yet sophisticated Venetian-styled masquerade parties, there is no right and wrong or any set rules when planning decorations. It is about working with your available budget and knowing what you are going for. Nevertheless, we have listed out a simple decorating guide that will give you a better idea of what you can do for your masquerade party.

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